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Far Cry 6: 10 Locations You Must Visit ASAP

With a world as big as Yara, it’s important to know where to go first when playing Far Cry 6. Here are some key locations from the game.

As the previous Very far games, Far Cry 6 It is an open world and players will spend their game exploring every corner. Upon starting, the map will go dark with no markers indicating FND bases, checkpoints, or ambushes. The more the player explores Yara and saves her from Castillo’s forces, the more part of the map will become visible and Dani will be able to quickly travel to more places.

On Far Cry 6, all of Yara will be completely blocked until Dani completes the operation “La Guerrilla” in Isla Santuario. Once the prologue is complete, any place is fair game. While it is necessary to go to each region and unlock the Guerrilla Camps, there are other areas that players may want to see as well.

Cueva de Oluwa

This can be found during the first operations on Sanctuary Island. Finding Oluwa’s cave on the map requires talking to an NPC at Cabeza Fuel Depot. After this, players can mark it on the map and follow the objective marker.

An easy way to find Oluwa Cave to start from Clara’s camp. This location is important because it will start Yara’s story “Triad Blessings”, which in turn unlocks the friend, Oluso.

Finca Montero

There’s a reason Clara recommends that Dani visit Madrugada first. The Montero Farm is not too difficult to unlock, and the player will not encounter any Air Canons (unlike El Este), so they are free to fly directly.

Montero Farm is also where players can unlock Chorizo ​​in “Who’s a Good Boy?” Yaran Story. Unlocking a Guerilla Camp will also allow players to start building Camp Facilities.

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GDP oil platform

The GDP oil rig can be a chore, because it’s in the upper left corner of the Yara map. Because the GDP oil rig is a FND basis, players must release it first. So it may not be a good idea to take a helicopter or other flying vehicle unless players want to face a wave of reinforcements.

Eventually, players will have to go to the GDP Oil Rig to obtain the Yaran Contraband, but it also houses the Supercharger shotgun. This is a powerful weapon with a built-in suppressor, making it ideal for stealth missions.

Maximas Camp

As a Guerrilla Camp, Camp Maximas is definitely a must-see, whether for history reasons or to have another place to plant Camp Facilities.

Visiting Camp Maximas also creates a Fast Travel location in the Valley of Gold, so it’s a good idea to free Camp Maximas first. Doing this also opens the “Boom or Bust” side quest.


Feroza is a good place to loot supplies and resources for the camp facilities. Inspecting the note in the mail at Camp Maximas It will unlock Yaran’s story “Boom or Bust” and allow players to follow an objective marker directly to Feroza.

This is important because this is how players recruit the Boom Boom dog, Far Cry 6Good Boy’s second friend. The items available in Feroza aren’t bad either.

Patriot Peak

This location is unlocked by doing the “Meet the Legends” operation in The East. While flying seems like the best way to get to The East, there are too many anti-aircraft guns that won’t hesitate to blow Dani out of the sky. The safest way to get to Patriot’s Peak is take a boat and walk.

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Unleash nearby FND bases to unlock more fast travel locations. Like Montero Farm and Camp Maximas, this is a Guerrilla Camp where players can build their last two Camp Facilities. Completing “Meet the Legends” also opens the player to more Yaran stories, such as Lorenzo’s “Seeds of Love” side quest.

Finca Alvarez

Unlike the other locations, players cannot fast travel to the Alvarez farm. After reading the note from the El Tigre bar, head to Finca Alvarez for wearing the wingsuit or flying from Patriot’s Peak.

At Alvarez Farm, players can unlock the fighting-loving rooster, Chicharron. Like Guapo, Chicharron is an aggressive friend and is ideal for missions where players can forgo stealth. Given that Far Cry 6 does not allow two Fangs for Hire / Friends to be drawn at the same time, it is important to recruit the friends as soon as possible.

Triada Relic Locations

By visiting Oluwa Cave and starting the Yaran story, players will be able to visit three separate locations to collect Triada Relics. There is the Relic of Ida (Dawn), the Relic of Oku (Valley of Gold) and the Relic of Mimi Abosi (The East). These should be marked on the map with a purple treasure hunt icon if the player is following Yaran’s story from “Triada Blessings”. Therefore, all the player has to do is go to the objective marker.

Please note that the Oku Relic can only be collected at night. This relic is found in Crus Del Salvador inside a giant fortress / estate. Once the player has all the relics, return to Oluwa’s Cave to undo the final block on Oluso’s recruitment.

Esperanza West Checkpoint

At some point in the game, Clara will contact Dani and ask them to meet her at Esperanza. The first operation to take place directly within Esperanza is “Paradise Lost,” where players can obtain the MBP .50 Sniper Rifle. However, there is a reason to free the western checkpoint of Esperanza. Like more or less Castle Domain, Esperanza is full of Antiaircraft Forces. There are no visible aircraft cannons to destroy, but they will fire upon sight. Unlike the anti-aircraft canons around Yara, these will not give the player any warnings. If players don’t expect it or if they neglect the in-game warning, they can have a rude awakening if they grab a helicopter or wingsuit.

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Therefore, it is better to clear the nearest checkpoint, which is the Esperanza West checkpoint. A little further on is Fort Esperanza, an FND base. However, players looking to save time can release the checkpoint and drive Esperanza from there. Unlocking this checkpoint gives players a close place to enter Hope. Plus, there’s nothing more painful than flying thousands of miles only to be downed and reappear at the other end of the map.

Camp Liberty

As the second region to unlock, Camp Freedom serves as the place to build and upgrade Supermos and purchase weapons of resolve. These cannot be purchased anywhere else, so players looking for special weapons and gear should remember revisits Camp Freedom every time his rank rises.

Additionally, Libertad Camp doesn’t have soldiers roaming around either, making it a safe area for players to replenish ammo or do whatever they want. This location is also how players can unlock the secret ending and obtain the “Hidden in Plain Sight” Achievement / Trophy.

Far Cry 6 is available for Amazon Luna, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X / S.

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