Friday, December 2

Dollhouse, psychological horror on Epic and Switch • Console and Dashboard

Dollhouse just released on the Epic Games Store (PC) and Nintendo Switch. Its managers, Creazn Studio and SOEDESCO, accompany the launch with a new trailer, one minute long.


We are facing an adventure of psychological terror, marked by darkness and by an influence of film noir. In its story mode, designed for an individual experience, we put ourselves in the shoes of the mysterious Marie.

The one who was once known as the best detective in the world suffers from amnesia. Our task is to recover the memories. However, if you don’t act carefully, we will be in danger. After all, “something disturbing is hidden in the shadows.”

Regarding its version for the Nintendo console, it incorporates specific functions, such as a menu that requires the touch screen or an HD rumble. With the latter, the character’s heartbeat is simulated. In addition, we can turn around, in an instant, with a single button.

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