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Day N7: BioWare Reveals Intriguing Image of New Mass Effect | LevelUp

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The celebration of N7 Day this year may have been very quiet, but there is no doubt that Mass Effect It is good because the remastering had good results before the critics and the market and BioWare appeals to the franchise to find its second wind. It is a fact that there is a new Mass Effect in development, but no details or release date are yet known. However, today N7 Day was not allowed to pass without igniting the hype of the fans.

BioWare ignites the hype for the new Mass Effect

Just when it was thought that the annual celebration of Mass Effect would pass without pain or glory, BioWare blew the heads of fans of the franchise closing the celebration with the revelation of an image that shows the game that is in development. Through the official Twitter account of Mass Effect, BioWare gave fans a piece of art from the team working on the new installment, which is accompanied by the phrase “Mass Effect to be continue”:

Initially, the image can be considered as representative of the scale that the new could have. Mass Effect and it is that, as it happens with the following Dragon Age, there are rumors that indicate that the stages will be huge and we will be facing a work that will reflect, in an impressive way, the space odyssey.

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On the other hand, the impact crater surprised the fans, not only by knowing what is inside, but also by the shape it has in the distance and that shows a figure similar to that of a Geth, a race of Mass Effect made up of humanoid robots that were created by the Quarians and later revealed to have carried out a genocide.

This detail has led to endless speculation about what will happen in the new Mass Effect And although it is still necessary to know about it, it cannot be denied that this image has ignited the hype.

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