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Communities, WhatsApp’s function to expand chat groups

In addition to the recent news that WhatsApp has incorporated, the Facebook instant messaging application is working on the development of a new feature known as Community (‘community’, in English), with functions that extend to the current chat groups.

Although its operation is unknown, it is assumed that the WhatsApp ‘communities’ will be related groups that will congregate within a larger group, according to information from the portal XDA Developers.

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As per the description by XDA Developers, the lines of code show that users can create communities, join them, share links to join with other people and edit the description or information.

The portal specialized in WhatsApp WABetaInfo, meanwhile, ensures that a community is “a new place where administrators have more control over WhatsApp groups, mainly to group other groups.” Put more simply, WhatsApp communities will be groups within groups.

The only visual difference between a normal group and a community is that the icon of the latter is square with rounded corners, according to an image distributed by WABetaInfo.

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The operation is simple: the communities can be larger groups and their users can receive messages on a specific topic, but they will not be able to write messages. In this way, communities can have hundreds or thousands of people in one of these communities and, therefore, an easier way to send messages to many people at the same time, rather than how we could do it with a traditional group.

WhatsApp communities will coexist with current chat groups of the platform, since there are lines of code that refer to both functions since they work together.

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