Saturday, November 26

CanDados Video Tutorial (prototype) • Console and Dashboard

We accompany the final stretch of CanDados on Verkami with a 3 minute long video tutorial. It allows us to know its components and its complete rules.

We are facing the new Anima-T project, created by Sergio Carrasco and Anna Álvarez. From 2 to 8 players, from the age of 8, compete to open locks, represented by cards. They will need to meet the requirements set for each one, at the same time that they resort to special dice and face inopportune challenges.

The result is a challenge of quick and simple rules, marked by decision making, risk and chance. The interaction between participants, through robberies and exchanges, is more than present. We must bear in mind that we have used its prototype, so we are not facing a final design.


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