Saturday, November 26

Bright Memory: Infinite Comes to PC • Console and Dashboard

Bright Memory: Infinite will arrive on PC, via Steam and GOG, on November 12, expanding the catalog of first-person shooter games. Thanks to FYQD Studio and PLAYISM, we are part of an adventure set in a futuristic China. Specifically, in the year 2036.


The action takes place in 2036, exactly in China. Sheila, the protagonist, is sent to explore rare climatic animals that have appeared in the skies. Scientists do not know what it is about and, therefore, the Supernatural Sciences Research Organization takes control of the situation.

When we arrive at the place, mythological beasts and soldiers from the future appear before our eyes. We will be part of a story that connects two worlds, which has just been unleashed. Shoot, cut and puncture it is, basically, what we will have to practice against the multiple enemies that will stalk us. We have weapons of great firepower at our disposal, with special effects to cause greater damage.

We will test rockets and firebombs against every danger we come across. They will complement Sheila’s enormous athletic ability, as well as her ability to use swords and shields. We will have a skill tree, to be unlocked as we gain experience. Bright Memory: Infinite It is now available on PC, via Steam. It comes as the sequel to Bright Memory, with a renewed combat system.

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