Monday, November 28

Bioware Releases New Mass Effect 4 Sneak Peek For Day N7

To celebrate N7 Day, BioWare is sharing a teaser image for the upcoming Mass Effect that is already causing a lot of speculation.

Today is N7 Day, BioWare’s annual party reserved for the celebration of all things. Massive effect. This year’s Day N7 is particularly exciting, because BioWare not only dropped the Mass Effect Legendary Edition at the beginning of the year, but a new Massive effect game in development. Although still at the heart of development, BioWare has done something special for this year’s celebration – the team shared a new teaser poster for the next one. Massive effect I play on social media.

the Massive effect The teaser for the sequel is as exciting as it is mysterious. It’s a poster-sized image, rich in detail, but lacking in context. It is taken from the sky looking down into a crater. Towards the bottom of the poster is a spaceship, as well as four crewmates walking towards the crater. The crater itself is dark and appears to contain a moving pool of dark liquid. Completing the details of the poster are ridges, shadows, and discoloration that feels like you’re hiding something if the viewer could look at it from the right angle.

To start with the main speculation points already surrounding the teaser, the most immediately recognizable is that the crater and its shadow give the appearance of a Geth head staring straight ahead. The crater itself represents Geth’s oculus, and there are even ridges that move in lines on the sides as if there were a lens flare. Also, there appears to be the body of a Geth buried in the ground halfway between the spaceship and the crew.

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As for the crew and their ship, fans are quick to assume that Liara T’Soni and the crew shown in Massive effecttrailer for the cinematic ad. However, the ship in that trailer had an inscription that read “XT8” or “XTB,” while the ship in the new trailer clearly says “SFX” (the original codename of the project that became Massive effect). There is a Krogan in both crews, at least. The trailer also features a Salarian, as well as what could be a Drell or Andromeda race called Angaran. The new trailer makes it too difficult to distinguish the races of the characters, but it could certainly be the same team.

Speculation beyond that starts to get more frenzied. Some say they see Liara’s profile along the crater’s right ridge, or a krogan’s shell hook along the left ridge, among other possible hidden secrets. BioWare loves to hide Easter eggs in promotional material, but sometimes a crater is just a crater.

What is perhaps most interesting are the questions that remain to be resolved. Massive effect fans, as the importance of the crater, the crew, and the spaceship remain a mystery. It may take some time before BioWare is ready to share more information about the new Massive effect, but fans will be eagerly awaiting everything BioWare is preparing.

Massive effect it is currently under development.

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