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Battlefield 2042 would have only a score of weapons and the community does not take it well

Although Battlefield 2042 does not officially release until November 19th (a week before for those who are subscribed to EA Play), some players have already been able to access the new game in the war saga from DICE and Electronic Arts. Communities like that of Reddit are filling up with images and videos of games of the new Battlefield and certain details are not liking their fans at all: for example, the arsenal of Battlefield 2042 I would only have 22 weapons.

There is still no official confirmation that this will be the arsenal we have in the final version of the game, but a user who has already been able to access a commercial copy of Battlefield 2042 has published a capture in which we can see all the weapons that are available, both locked and unlocked, and to the surprise of many the number of weapons is quite low for what is usually given in this type of video game.

Has few weapons Battlefield 2042?

On Reddit, the first comparisons with other games in the saga have not taken long to emerge: Battlefield 4 had 19 secondary pistols / weapons, based on this user, while this other remember that same delivery had 77 throwing weapons.

That is why fans of Battlefield have quickly made their anger known with the possibility that the new delivery only has a score of weapons. Specifically, there are several points that have made the community explode, such as that there is only one pistol or that there are only two light machine guns. It should be remembered that Battlefield 2042 is an exclusively multiplayer game so it is likely that this is the initial arsenal available at launch and that little by little fill up with new content as the seasons progress.

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Battlefield 2042 coming November 19 to PS5, Xbox Series X / S, PS4, Xbox One and PC. You can read our impressions here.

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