Saturday, December 3

Apple names its next chips after Spanish islands

Apple has begun to use the names of three spanish islands (La Palma, Ibiza and Lobos) as development names for their new models of own processors for Mac computers, which belong to the third generation that will succeed the M1 Pro and M1 Max models.

This has been collected by the medium ‘The Information’ in a report on Apple’s next plans in the development of its own Apple Silicon processors, which Since their debut in late 2020 they have been replacing Intel chips in their Mac computers.

Apple has started work on the next two generations of its own chips, following the first M1 chips, introduced in 2020, and its more advanced variants M1 Pro and M1 Max, announced in October with improvements for new notebooks MacBook Pro professionals.

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According to three people with knowledge of Apple’s plans, as published by The Information, the third-generation chips will have as internal development names three Spanish islands: the Canary Islands La Palma and Lobos, and the Balearic Ibiza.

Apple’s plans in the processor segment reveal that future processors of the US brand for computers could substantially improve the performance of the next Intel chip families launched at the same time.

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