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An Overwatch comic will expand the lore behind Jesse McCree’s new name | LevelUp

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Acivision Blizzard’s recent harassment, discrimination and toxic workplace scandal also had a major impact on the company’s video games. How do we talk to you? Overwatch renamed one of his characters because he was inspired by Jesse McCree, a designer at the developer studio. Now, a new comic will seek to familiarize competitive shooter players with the new name of the cowboy.

Earlier this week, the publisher Dark Horse announced a new comic called Overwatch: New Blood, which is a 5-part limited series that appears to seek to expand the lore behind Jesse McCree’s new name. The writer of this story will be Ray Fawkes, while the illustrations will be by Irene Koh.

Portada de Overwatch: New Blood

Unfortunately, Dark Horse did not release more details about this production, so we do not know the release date and its price.

Alongside the comic, Blizzard took to its Twitter account to announce Cassidy’s New Blood Challenge, a thematic challenge that will begin next Tuesday, November 9 and will end until 23 of the same month. As its name suggests, it will be focused on Cole Cassidy, the new identity of the hero Jesse McCree.

Sadly, the studio did not reveal any further details on this limited-time event. Hopefully players will be able to get Cole Cassidy sprays and voice lines. In addition, in the advance we can see a new skin that can possibly be unlocked through challenges or by leveling up.

Overwatch’s new event causes controversy

Naturally, a section of the community is not entirely happy with the new event coming this week to the popular Blizzard hero shooter.

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Some players reaffirmed once again that despite the developers’ efforts, they will continue to refer to the Overwatch cowboy by his original name. On the other hand, there were those who assured that they are happy with the change and that they have already gotten used to Cole Cassidy.

Either way, this event comes shortly after Activision Blizzard announced that Overwatch 2 it was delayed even though it still lacked a release date.

But tell us, do you like the cowboy’s new name? Let us read you in the comments.

Overwatch It will be available for Xbox One, PS4 and PC. You will find more information about this popular competitive shooter by clicking here.

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