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All the details of the Xbox 20th anniversary event: schedule, subtitles, where to watch …

Recently Xbox announce that the next November 15 celebrate a special event on the occasion of your 20th anniversary. The idea is to celebrate 20 years since the launch of the first Xbox console that also coincides with the premiere of the saga Halo, since they went on the market at the same time: on November 15, 2001. That is why next Monday at 20: 00h (Spanish peninsular time) the company will carry out a virtual broadcast that we can see in YouTube, Twitch and Facebook.

It should be remembered that Xbox already warned that in said broadcast we will not see announcements of new gamesbut more of a “fun” retrospective for fans around the world. In fact, to accommodate as many people as possible, the company will subtitle the event into a wide variety of languages: be available with subtitles in Spanish, both from Spain and Latin America, plus 27 other languages. Interpretation into English sign language will also be included. All these options will be available on the official Xbox channel on YouTube.

Xbox FanFest and other ways to celebrate the 20th anniversary

In addition to the 20th anniversary event, Xbox will hold a FânFest a couple of days before, on November 13 at 11:00 p.m. (Spanish peninsular time), which will consist of a contest in which fans can answer questions from the company. Those who are registered and connect to the broadcast will be eligible for prizes thanks to the raffles that will take place during the event.

Before the official celebrations arrive, we can participate in the Xbox anniversary in various ways, such as purchasing special products from Xbox Gear, downloading the wallpapers commemorative that the company has published on its official website, or by sharing our nostalgic memories on Twitter with the hashtag # Xbox20 mentioning the official company account.

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