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Again! Amouranth is already trending on Twitch in a new category | LevelUp

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Kaitlyn “Amouranth” Siragusa is a streamer whose content is liked by some and disliked by others, but one thing is clear: for one reason or another, she is constantly talking about. Again, the streamer is trending now for the content she is generating in a new Twitch category.

A few days ago, Twitch announced that it would open a new category on its platform, which would be dedicated to animal broadcasts. Amouranth has gained popularity on the platform for being a success in all the categories it participates in and is again proving it by quickly receiving a lot of attention in the new category.

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Amouranth is already a trend in the new category

Amouranth knows how to get a new following and did not miss the opportunity to generate interest in a new community by appearing in the new category of animals. Thus, the streamer took the opportunity to go to a farm and make broadcasts taking care of some horses.

This caused many to criticize the controversial streamer for his attempt to exploit a new category to get new followers and overshadow other content creators in this community. We remind you that something similar happened when the stremer went to the ASMR category and gave this activity a suggestive touch.

Other content creators on the platform, such as Patterrz and Esfand. Both streamers reacted with surprise to learn that the category had only recently been open and Amouranth was already trending.

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Amouranth loves animals

However, don’t think that Amouranth now only makes animal videos. The streamer also continues to broadcast in other categories, such as Chatting. This Sunday, November 7, he spent time with his followers trying on outfits and days ago he appeared playing Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.

On the other hand, you should know that this is not the first time that Amouranth has made this type of transmission. Months ago Amouranth also shared similar videos with horses. The streamer loves animals; in fact, his intention is one day to build an animal sanctuary, as he commented in an interview with Kotaku months ago.

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