Saturday, November 26

Accumulate X5 in GAME points this week with LEGO products and get discounts

Offered by GAME Spain.

The GAME chain of stores has announced a promotion of X5 GAME points on all LEGO products, which allows you to accumulate great discounts for your next purchases. Do not miss the best toys, video games and LEGO products, the campaign is valid both in GAME stores and in until November 14.

LEGO toys are the favorites of millions of children and adults around the world and from GAME they want to share that passion for LEGO multiplying by five the points you get with each purchase. Time to build the worlds of your dreams!

On which LEGO products can you get X5 GAME points? Literally in all available in GAME: toys, video games, movies, pack and, in short, any type of LEGO product that is in GAME. You can find them in the following link.

Get big savings in GAME

We remind you that GAME points are accumulated on your membership card and can offer you juicy discounts on your next purchases, since every 400 GAME points are equivalent to 1 and The amount you accumulate can be discounted when making your purchases both in GAME stores and in With this X5 rating the LEGO products you will accumulate many more.

For example, here you go some LEGO products included in this offer of X5 PUNTUACIN GAME so that you can see what its equivalence will be in terms of the money you accumulate in your partner account:

LEGO products with x5 in GAME points this week

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