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A group of Ubisoft employees makes public the petition to demand better conditions

Ubisoft, the international company responsible for Assassin’s Creed, Far Cry and Prince of Persia among many other sagas, it was involved in the summer of 2020 in Employee accusations that pointed to cases of workplace and sexual harassment and abuse in the company. The firm led by Yves Guillemot prometi cambios, but in the face of Ubisoft’s inaction, more than 1000 employees from 32 studios of the firm grouped under the name A Better Ubisoft (A Better Ubisoft) signed a statement demanding concrete changes.

One hundred days later without the company having made any weight change under the criteria of ABU, the group has opened the request for other developers, players and ultimately, anyone, to sign the statement (which also reflected the support for Activision Blizzard workers and the rest of the industry employees) in protest towards Ubisoft and in support of the team the French company.

“You disappoint us, Mr. Guillemot”they say from A Better Ubisoft on Twitter. “100 days, zero demands met. Sure you can do better.” The group has not disclosed how many people have signed the statement since it was opened last Friday, November 5, but they assure that “the outpouring of solidarity and support … has been incredible”.

In another tweet they remember what are the key points they want to change at Ubisoft:

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  • 1. Stop promoting and transfer known offenders from one study to another, from one team to another, without repercussions. This cycle has to end.
  • 2. We want a collective seat at the table, to have a voice in how Ubisoft as a company moves forward from here.
  • 3. A collaboration across the industry to agree on a set of key rules and processes that all studios can use to address these infractions in the future.
  • 4. This collaboration must involve employees in non-managerial positions and union representatives.

A Better Ubisoft presented these same demands to the chief of staff, Anika Grant (hired last year in Ubisoft’s internal change process), who according to the group said that the request would be addressed without offering concrete solutions.

Layoffs and promises of structural changes

In June 2020, employees of different companies in the video game industry raised their voices on social media about cases of harassment and abuse labor and sexual. In this context, more and more stories began to emerge that took place within the many Ubisoft studios. The company led by Guillemot promised that same month that it would take “disciplinary action”, including the dismissal of the director of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, Ashraf Ismail, among other names like Serge Hascot, Yannis Mallat, Ccile Cornet and Stone Chin.

Over the next several weeks and months, Ubisoft promised structural changes to the company, changes to the leadership, the intention to create “a positive and inclusive work environment”, improving “systems and processes” for reporting violations and creating opportunities for “underrepresented” groups.

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Although from A Better Ubisoft they point out that the company has made “some improvements”, warn that the company continues to protect offenders and their allies and that the change so far is not enough. At the end of October, a Ubisoft Montreal employee left the position she joined in 2018 because of “the harassment, discrimination and toxicity” that surrounded her at work.

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