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10 Unsolved Mysteries and Plot Holes Remaining in Psychonauts 2

Psychonauts 2 was a fantastic ride, but it left many unsolved mysteries and plot holes in its wake.

The world of Psychonauts it’s really fascinating, including the story of Raz and his crazy adventures in the camp. But after years of waiting, fans finally got a continuation of the Psychonauts history with the launch of Psychonauts 2. The game starts from the end of Psychonauts in the diamond of the ruins and it goes from there.

Weather Psychonauts 2 brought a lot of closure to the main story, there were some things left pending when all was said and done. This included some plot elements that were introduced in the first two games, but were not circled. It also includes stories in this game that were introduced that did not have an ending or did not provide an explanation.

Helmut Fullbear finding his body

About halfway through the game, Raz meets Helmut Fullbear, voiced by Jack Black. However, this is a strange experience, because Helmut Fullbear was supposed to be dead. However, before dying, Helmut saved his own brain from loss.

After reuniting with her husband Bob and the rest of the Psychonaut Six, a vow is made that Helmut’s body will one day be found and he will be restored to his old self. Unfortunately, we can’t see Helmut in his full body in real life and that plot point remains pending. However, players can see his regular form in his dream.

Frazie admitting she’s a psychic

When Raz enters the Questionable Area for the first time, his sister Frazie taunts him. However, by talking to her further, players learn that Frazie also has psychic powers just like Raz and his father.

There are a few conversations that can be had with her throughout the game, including a moment where Raz actually tries to convince her to tell the father the truth about her abilities. This plot is pending, since after the end of the game occurs, Frazie only spends the rest of his time talking to Mirtala.

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The interns in the end

Early in the game, Raz and the interns work together to infiltrate the hotel room at the casino. It’s a fun, fast-paced sequence that gives players a look at all of the individual personalities. At the end of the game, during the fight with Maligula, the interns team up with Raz to help him overcome this final obstacle.

While this moment was incredible, it didn’t make a lot of sense given the fact that Raz had to be cast by his family to get into Lucretia’s mind. The question is how did the interns get there? If it was Sam’s whale, that wasn’t entirely clear.

Mind de Otto

Much of the history of Psychonauts 2 It’s not just about gathering the Psychonauts Six, but also exploring each one of them due to many of them facing some kind of problem. However, there is one member in mind that Raz never has to jump to: Otto Mentallis.

Of course, it makes sense that Raz never has to examine Otto, as there is never any conflict that revolves directly around him and his state of mind. However, it leaves players a bit curious as to what it might be like to explore Otto’s mind.

What is Coach Oleander doing?

Those who remember the events of the first game know that Coach Oleander is responsible for much of the chaos that occurred in that game and was demoted for his actions. However, despite all that he did, the psychonauts have kept him on board as a minor member and their focus was on working on a “battle robot” that could take down Maligula.

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However, talking to Oleander makes us see him talk and do weird things. After the game is over, players can see him in the hallways of the venue with a fin on. No one knows how this will help you.

What happened to the old campers?

While there were some plot points introduced in Psychonauts 2 That weren’t fully resolved, there are some elements from the first game that didn’t really carry over to the second. One such element is the Whispering Rock campers.

Players were able to learn a lot about them throughout the game, from the shenanigans they participated in to their impact on the true story. From Dogen to Bobby Zilch, it would have been interesting to know where some of these campers are now. Unfortunately, there were only a few references to them at all times.

What happened to the patients in the madhouse?

Another critical location in the original Psychonauts it was the Thorney Towers home for the disturbed. This mental asylum was home to some of the game’s most unique characters, including four of them whose brains Raz explored.

So it was surprising to see that not only were the patients in this nursing home not in Psychonauts 2, Raz and his crew barely mentioned them. Even Sheegor, after receiving a job offer to work with Sasha in his lab, was nowhere to be found in the sequel. This could be seen as a huge disappointment to many fans of the original game.

Gristol kidnapping Truman

After the game is over, players will be well informed about the events that have happened that led to the kidnapping of Truman Zanotto by Gristol Malik. It is understood that Malik was seeking information on Maligula’s whereabouts and hoped to use it to destroy the psychonauts from within.

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That said, what was never entirely clear was how Truman was kidnapped in the first place. How was the head of Psychonauts placed in a vulnerable position? And why were the people at headquarters so reluctant to try to get him back in? Ruin rhombus?

The presence of the safe

On Ruin rhombus, Truman’s first sight was him hanging in midair about to have his brain removed. Fortunately, the team was able to rescue his body, but attached to the body was a strange box wrapped around his wrist. There wasn’t much talk about the box in the VR game, nor was there much talk about the box in Psychonauts 2 until the very end.

That’s when players learn that Truman’s brain was locked in said box. The confusing thing about this is why would no one recognize this box earlier and try to open it? When conducting research, it doesn’t make sense that the box wasn’t a top priority to open early on when it’s not hidden at all.

What will Raz do now?

At the end of the game, due to the work they did to stop Maligula, Raz and his fellow interns are promoted to junior agents of the Psychonauts. Raz’s dream of becoming a psychonaut has come true, but what’s next for Raz?

There weren’t many omens of what the next big adventure might be or even what his regular job on the premises might be. It’s easy to say that the goal has been reached and that the story ends there, but it would have been interesting to hear them lay out their responsibilities, even subtly.

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