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Yoshio Sakamoto: As long as Samus exists, Metroid should continue | LevelUp

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Metroid Dread It is now available. The title is special because after more than 10 years after learning of its existence it became a reality, but also because it marks the end of a cycle in the history of Samus. Does this mean that the end of Metroid is near? A creative responsible for the franchise does not believe it.

Despite being announced less than 6 months ago, Metroid Dread It quickly generated a lot of expectation in the fans of the series as it would be developed by MercurySteam (responsible for Metroid II: Samus Returns) and would solve many doubts that had existed for a long time in the series. The title would also serve as a conclusion to Samus’s 2D adventures, putting the continuation of the franchise in doubt.

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Relax, Samus should continue with his space adventures

However, Yoshio Sakamoto, one of the current directors and producers of the series, has already confirmed that this is not the case and in a recent interview with CNET reiterated that the series should continue.

Sakamoto again stated that, although Metroid Dread ends the narrative arc of 5 stories by Metroid in 2D, it is not the “definitive ending”. The creative believes that the franchise would continue as long as Samus, the protagonist of all the installments, exists, since “there should be something that can continue the franchise and the universe.” Thus, Sakamoto assured that as long as Samus receives love from the fans, the development team will do their best to continue developing the series.

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As we mentioned, Sakamoto is one of the most important creatives and, therefore, the most knowledgeable about the series, so they are very positive comments. Ultimately, Nintendo managers are the ones who approve the projects of Metroid. We remind you that the only project of the series in development is Metroid Prime 4, of which we have not seen anything but a trailer.

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Metroid Dread is available exclusively for Nintendo Switch. You can find more news related to him if you visit this page.

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