Friday, November 25

Yabusele activates Real Madrid’s steamroller mode against a lazy Surne Bilbao




El Real Madrid closed his triumphant week with a comfortable triumph (95-61) before a Surne Bilbao too permeable in defense and erratic in attack (3/20 triples) that barely resisted. Quite the opposite of the whites, very intense behind and Demolishers in attack (15/31 triples),. Yabusele (18 points), a physical prodigy and with a very good hand (4/4 triples) I activated the Madrid steamroller mode, okay seconded by Hanga (19) and Poirier (16 + 9) in a very placid match for Laso’s.


The Surne Bilbao only existed in the first three minutes game, in which I caught the whites still off guard (0-6). It was Give it back, splendid on Friday in Munich, who took the reins of his team to wake him up. The French tank went into ‘destroyer’ mode and with 10 points in five minutes I abused Delgado, another heavyweight of the zones, and put Madrid on the path of triumph (25-11, min 8).Hanga and Taylor They got on the Frenchman’s car and Madrid closed the first act fired (30-15), with 6/11 s2 and 6/9 s3 crushing the inoperative Bilbao (1/7 t3 and 4 losses

In the second quarter the picture hardly changed. Poirier and Causeur, already with the young Nez as a base, took over from Yabusele and Hanga and the local income was rising like foam (52-23, min 18). Only Goudelock, far from being the player who dominated in Europe years ago, and Mustache prevented the bleeding from being greater before the break (54-29, min 20). Madrid played at pleasure (13/22 q2 and 8/15 q3) in a match that was like a visit to the dentist for Bilbao (10/17 q2, 1/10 q3 and 8 losses).

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In the resumption, Bilbao tried to push a little further back so that their rival did not continue walking, but their efforts were in vain. Two triples from Hanga and another two from the tireless Yabusele, well supported by Heurtel, led the Whites to a new high (77-42, min 28). Mumbr removed Goudelock and his team, with a more collective game, barely kept up in the exchange of blows (23-20 in the third act).

The fight, despite the efforts of the people from Bilbao, was decided almost from the first round, and in the last act, with Llull on the court (Laso did not use him in the entire first half) on the court, Madrid had no problems to keep your income. The young Nez and Vukcevic had a good handful of minutes and Yabusele, Hanga and Tavares (not necessary yesterday) enjoyed a well-deserved rest.

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