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Watch out! An oversight can fill your Xbox with unpleasant notifications | LevelUp

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Consoles are closed systems, which means it’s really unexpected when they start to behave strangely. The clearest example we have in the case of a gamer whose carelessness caused his Xbox to be filled with unpleasant notifications.

On the official Xbox One community subreddit, the user known as u / TheSupremeIdiot reported an issue that few had seen. What happens is that while playing a quiet game of Minecraft started getting completely unexpected notifications.

It wasn’t an achievement unlocked, or anything related to Xbox rewards. Rather, it was a series of strange messages such as an alert indicating his credit card information had been leaked and an invitation to view a photo of a Danny Devito-like baby.

Something extremely strange, don’t you think? Luckily it has an explanation and it is much more benign than we might originally think. No one hacked into this player’s Xbox One, or installed a virus on him. What happened is that when using the Edge browser, u / TheSupremeIdiot gave permission for notifications to sites of dubious origin.

In other words: your console and payment information was safe. The only problem is that you have to put up with annoying notifications while you play.

How to fix Edge notifications problem on Xbox?

Luckily, this is a problem that has a solution and you / TheSupremeIdiot will not have to be a victim of clickbait for the rest of your days.

What happens is that removing these notifications is possible and to do so you simply have to reset the Edge notifications. It can be done by following the steps below:

  • Entra a Edge
  • Press the 3 dots on the right
  • Go to settings
  • On the left, look for reset settings
  • Select Restore default settings
  • Choose Reset
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And you, did you ever imagine that something like this could happen? Did you know someone with such a problem? Tell us in the comments.

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