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Ubisoft Announces Salary Increase So Its Employees Don’t Leave | LevelUp

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Interesting news comes to us from Ubisoft’s offices in Canada, as the company has just announced an increase for some major franchise developers to prevent them from leaving the team, a situation that has raised controversy for showing wage inequality.

It was recently revealed that many veteran sagas developers such as Asssassin’s Creed and Far Cry at Ubisoft they were leaving the company. And now it has just been shared that they were offered a raise to decide to stay.

However, this initiative, which was reported by media sources Kotaku, has detailed that those who currently earn more will see the largest increases, which is generating criticism of the company from the workers themselves, considering that it encourages internal wage inequality.

Ubisoft has a large number of recognized franchises

According to A Better Ubisoft, a group of company workers that sent a list of requests to improve the work environment, junior staff will receive a 5-7% increase, while former employees or with higher positions will be able to receive up to twenty%:

“These moves do absolutely nothing to address the key demands of A Better Ubisoft. In addition, by heavily weighing salary increases in favor of senior staff, management is exacerbating the gap between high- and low-paid workers.”

As you surely know, Ubisoft Canada is leading the development of many major games such as Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, Far Cry 6 and Watch Dogs LegionTherefore, an uneven increase could affect the teams responsible for these titles in some way.

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“They are desperately trying to hold on to the few experienced developers that are still here,” said a Ubisoft developer.

It is worth mentioning that the new salary increases will take effect immediately and will begin to be paid at the end of this month, they will include more vacation days and other benefits.

What do you think of the situation Ubisoft is currently experiencing? Let us know in the comments.

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