Tuesday, November 29

This little gaming desktop PC has the heart of a PlayStation 5

Minisforum’s EliteMini CR50 mini PC kit has some of the power of a PlayStation 5, although its GPU is not on the same level.

Computer maker Minisforum has produced a small desk Gaming PC featuring a processor linked to the PlayStation 5. Sony’s flagship console, known for its fast computing power, can handle complex graphical tasks like ray tracing and 120 FPS gaming without stuttering. However, to house all that power, the PlayStation 5 had to increase in volume over the previous generation PlayStations. The PS5 weighs almost 10 pounds. In comparison, the PS4 Pro weighed 7.7 pounds.

Gaming PCs have always competed with consoles, but just like the PS5, the bigger the build, the more room for high-end graphics cards and thermal management. However, some gamers prefer lower-profile PCs because they take up less space and, at the same time, offer a newer form factor. As Nintendo Switch owners can attest, opting for smaller hardware can often mean tradeoffs in raw power.

Minisforum is trying to find players somewhere in the middle with its EliteMini CR50 PERSONAL COMPUTER. At roughly 8 inches long, 7.5 inches wide, and just over 3 inches tall, the EliteMini CR50 is certainly much smaller than the liquid-cooled tower machines that have long symbolized the gaming industry. PC. However, Minisforum can still fit AMD’s 4700S processor in its tiny case, a chip that is based on Sony’s system-on-a-PlayStation 5 chip.

It’s not a PS5 inside

While the 4700S is at the heart of the EliteMini CR50, it is important to note that there are some differences to the PS5 SoC. The PS5 uses AMD’s RDNA 2 GPU to handle its graphics, while the 4700S uses the lower-cost Radeon RX 550 GPU (also from AMD). The impact that that has on the game will vary from title to title, but GPUs, while very important, are not the only part of the story when performance is considered, especially when comparing PC and console games. Well-optimized games will always make the most of the available hardware.

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EliteMini CR50 also features USB 3.2 and USB 2.0 ports, along with a Gigabit Ethernet port and a 3.5mm headphone jack. It has HDMI and DVI for display options, though it doesn’t support DisplayPort. The EliteMini CR50 is available with 16GB of RAM and no storage for $ 679. Adding a 256GB SSD brings it to $ 729, while a 512GB SSD increases the cost of the machine to $ 759. In comparison, a version The PS5’s discless digital retails for $ 399, although the console has been notoriously difficult to buy since its launch in November 2020. Of course, the PS5 also takes up a lot more space than the tiny EliteMini CR50. desk Gaming PC.


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