Monday, November 28

The new Fable for Xbox Series X / S and PC has been in development for four years

Fable is one of the most anticipated video games by Xbox users. The return of one of the most prominent sagas of the Microsoft console that now seems to have revealed new data. According to the same Tom Goldon, chief engineer at Playground Games, the video game would have been in development for four years. That is, since 2017 Microsoft already had in mind to launch a new title of Fable, and rumors about this work began to emerge there in 2018. But it must be taken into account that at that time the pre-production of the work can also be included.

“4 years working on Fable at @WeArePlayground. Very excited for this game.”

No further details are given of the project, which to date is one of the most mysterious to date. se aproxima a Xbox Series X/S y PC. And it is that Fable could mark a before and after for Microsoft’s next-generation console.

Fable to use the Forza Horizon graphics engine

Not much information we have about the new Fable, but we do know some highlights that help us orient ourselves a bit, seeing where the shots will go. Fable to use the same graphics engine as Forza Horizon, something that does not surprise us to tell the truth if we take into account the study that is in charge of the title, and seeing the results that this driving game is having, we can be more than calm.

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In the script we will have Anna Megill, who was in charge of preparing the script for the complex Control, from Remedy Entertainment. Hopefully Fable is a little less convoluted but still has tons of magic and mysteries. Fable will not be released for now before 2023 seeing that we hardly know anything about the title and that we have only been able to see that brief teaser in which we are presented with the world of fantasy that we will have at our fingertips.

Four years of development for a Fable is already quite a few, and until now we have lived without knowing anything about it. So the studio is preparing nicely to release that new installment as well as possible, for sure.

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