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The LEGO Super Mario collection will grow with these new sets | LevelUp

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The partnership between Nintendo and LEGO has proven to be very positive and fruitful. In a few years, thanks to the collaboration it has with the Japanese company, LEGO has launched many sets of its figures and the collection of Super Mario it’s already huge. Very soon the collection will continue to grow with several new sets and characters.

Just a few days ago and to accompany the Halloween celebrations, LEGO revealed great sets inspired by Luigi’s Mansion, which means that there are no longer only products from Super Mario. However, this latest collection continues to receive new products and LEGO has just revealed the first ones that will arrive next year.

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LEGO Super Mario will grow with these new sets

Today the fourth edition of the China International Expo took place and LEGO took advantage of this event to present the LEGO toys of the line Super Mario. 2 expansion sets were shown that evoke the adventures of Mario and his friends in tropical worlds. One more turns Bowser Jr’s iconic vehicle into a LEGO toy.

But that’s not all, LEGO also introduced the new line of characters from Super Mario that will lead various allies and enemies to this fantastic toy universe. In total there are 10 characters and the ones that stand out the most are Bully and a penguin.

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At the time of writing, LEGO has not released a press release yet, so prices are not known, but Nintendo of America shared the first images of the Bowser Jr’s Clown Car, Dorrie’s Beachfront and Big Urchin Beach expansion sets. Ride, apart from the 10 new characters, names that the sets will receive according to The Brick Fan.

No specific release date is known, but these new toys are expected to be available sometime in early 2022.

New LEGO Super Mario sets

What did you think of the new additions to the LEGO Super Mario collection? Tell us in the comments.

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