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Space Chef’s Kickstarter is building an inclusive community to ‘hunt, cook, deliver’

Space Chef developers Niclas Marie and Tobias Tranell speak to Game Rant about their ongoing Kickstarter and building an inclusive community.

Both independent developers and industry professionals can turn to Kickstarter for a variety of reasons. The popular crowdfunding website can make or break a project that an editor couldn’t otherwise secure, or it can give veterans like Koji Igarashi the freedom to work on their own ideas. BlueGooGames project leader Niclas Marie said that the Kickstarter for Space chef Its main objective is to build a community.

Space chef is a hybrid action-cooking game, inspired by titles like Valle stardew, Don’t starve, and Overcooked. Players enter a procedurally generated galaxy that bears hints from sci-fi comic shows like Futurama and Rick and morty, mixed with space westerns like Firefly – a personal favorite of creative and art director Tobias Tranell. It’s up to players to learn how to solve environmental puzzles so they can gather ingredients and thrive as a chef, and BlueGooGames hopes that experience is as personalized as possible for each person. Game Rant spoke to Marie and Tranell about Space cheforigins, all-inclusive design aspirations, and Kickstarter campaign.

Space Chef: a decades-long project in the works

Marie and Tranell are Swedish developers who met around the third or fourth grade. Tranell said he is a lifelong player, which he credits as his greatest experience in Space chef, but first he approached Marie for help solving a puzzle in The legend of Zelda on NES. After that, they grew up as best friends; some nights they “went out to parties,” others sat around trying to play games together. They created custom maps in titles like Counter-Strike, and I tried some projects developed on different engines that never got beyond prototyping.

As life progresses, their experiences led them down different paths, and those game-maker aspirations faded into the background. Marie has 20 years of experience as a software engineer and team leader in different companies, while Tranell built on a childhood of creative ventures designing worlds and mechanics for role-playing games by becoming a professional cartographer. In 2019, he won a Gold Ennie Award for “Best Cartography” for his work at Free League Publishing. Forbidden lands board game.

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They are both married and have families of their own. As of this writing, Marie has a seven-year-old boy and a four-year-old girl, while Tranell has two sons (seven and nine) and a new girl. In 2016, Marie learned about Unity through her brother-in-law and ‘started playing with it’, realized that it could be used to develop a game, and soon after began spending more time with Tranell.

After playing around with some concepts that “didn’t feel right” – MetroidStyle adventures, racing games, tower defense games, and online multiplayer experiences including: Tranell brought Marie a picture of a hamburger. He said it was inspired by the “careless” cartoonish art style of a children’s book illustrated by Kjell Thorsson, and that it became the basis for Space chef.

“To be honest, we had no idea what the game was going to be like when we started. It grew on us and we are still pitching ideas. However, today we have a pretty clear picture of what it will be.

Designing Space Chef for everyone to play

That art style, with Unity lighting and ambient effects overlapping, spearheaded the next two and a half years of development. Marie and Tranell wanted to avoid the excess of 3D and pixel art games, however, Space chef changed over time. Russian artist Tanya Tengri joined BlueGooGames in September 2019 after Marie held a series of auditions. Tranell said they “wanted someone who could draw my style to be consistent throughout the game,” but while Tengri excelled, his work looked “too good,” so they found themselves in the middle.

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The team has also hired programmers and animators, largely as contractors, with representation from around the world: Greece, Pakistan and more. Marie said, “There is no discrimination based on location, gender or anything” on BlueGooGames and, according to Tranell, “it just felt good, it felt good” capturing that open-mindedness in Space chefdesign of. Similar to Valle stardew There is no need for players to define themselves, they simply choose the body type and hair style that suits them best. NPC interactions and romance follow the same principle, with players being able to learn and woo various characters while delivering their favorite foods.

Marie said he’s connected to people and organizations working on both rendering and accessibility, and he’s open to more player feedback to make the game as inclusive and welcoming as possible. Several ideas are already in motion, from creating vegetarian and vegan menu options to watching games with different text sizes and colorblind modes. However, they plan to do more research on solutions for potential problems like translating comfortably. Space chef to languages ​​like Spanish with gender words.

Space Chef’s Kickstarter is growing its community

Much of the aforementioned feedback is expected to come with Space chefAlpha and Beta: scheduled to begin in the first quarter of 2022 and the first quarter of 2023, respectively. Access is a benefit to Kickstarter backers on several levels, and so far some 130 people have pledged enough to join the Alpha, according to Marie. As of this writing, Space chef It has raised almost $ 40,000 USD since October 19, when it originally asked for around $ 20,000 (since it was reduced by changes in the dollar / euro exchange rate).

Building a community with independent developers and global fans has been a goal for potential BlueGooGames customers from the beginning. Marie said they had around 6,000 Twitter followers for sharing initial images that helped power Kickstarter, which tracks some attempts to create YouTube developer logs. Those active connections have also helped answering questions about mechanics like how-to generation and with general marketing. For example, BlueGooGames approached Game Rant on the recommendation of Konitama’s Chris Gottron, who was interviewed about his game. Cloudscape in July 2021.

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There are other benefits of crowdfunding. Marie and Tranell said they would like to work at Space chef full time, and the game’s Kickstarter says BlueGooGames wants to hire more people. Additional features such as online multiplayer could also be added if they fit within the scope of the team and the planned roadmap, although there are no physical items included in the Kickstarter to avoid ‘unnecessary waste’. He says, “If we want to avoid making our real world look like the universe of Space chef in 100 years, we have to take care of it. Any other funding the team may need can always come from investors or publishers, according to Marie, as this Kickstarter is a good proof of concept.

Marie feels Space chef has captured a niche combination of genres that people want to explore, despite “trolls” likening its style to that of a “scam”, pull the commercials for games like Garden landscapes on Facebook. Tranell said he is “honored” by the response and the team wants everyone to feel involved.

“The idea of ​​having people like our game is totally new to me, I have never experienced anything like this before. I am very honored by the people who enjoy our game.

Space chef It is in development for PC, PlayStation, Switch and Xbox, with the goal of launching it in the third quarter of 2023. Its Kickstarter is available until November 18, 2021.

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