Monday, November 28

Sega considers investing 882 million dollars in new games and purchase of studios

Sega just caught the attention of the entire gaming community. The company’s annual report has been published this week, and since SegaSammy (the parent) it has been revealed that the company is considering investing 100 billion yen ($ 882 million) in the development of new games and even the possible acquisition of video game companies, both in Japan and abroad. All forming part of the plan de Super Game, this new initiative by Sega to restructure and update itself with new magnificent works.

The person in charge of Sonic At the moment, it has under its belt a fairly wide network of studies that is considered to be one of the most powerful on the scene. Counting on Creative Assembly (known to Total War and based in the UK), Sports Interactive (that they sound by Football Manager), Relic (which right now has given Age of Empires IV), Atlus (our beloved saga of Person) Amplitude and Two Point.

A fairly extensive list of studies that Sega has under its belt and that will soon be expanded in order to provide players works that really create an impact in the industry and that is a before and after for the company.

“The way people interact with games is becoming more diverse and the ecosystem is growing exponentially. In this context, SEGA wants to go beyond the limits of mainstream games and take on the challenge of creating super games that excite people. community of players, which is a network of diverse relationships, ” SegaSammy.

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Global, online, community and IP usage

Those are the pillars on which possible new Sega videogames that are intended to be a “supergame” (part of that Super Game plan) will be based. Yukio SuginoPresident and COO commented that “these types of acquisitions that enhance our functionality will definitely be a significant strength in the long term, and we will continue to proactively explore investments from this point of view.”

So that Super GameFor now, it looks great and Sega has things clear and focused. Make games by and for the players championing this “community” as part of the development pillars of their titles, also trying to reach the maximum number of possible users.

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