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Riot Games does not rule out after Arcane making productions of ‘LoL’ in real action

After Arcane, the 3D animated series that Riot Games and Fortiche Productions premiere in Netflix this November 7, the studio responsible for League of Legends considers exploring the live action productions (without specifying if it will be a movie or a series) based on the universe of Runeterra.

In an interview conducted through Zoom on the occasion of the premiere of the Netflix series, we asked the cocreador Christian Linke on the future of narrative adaptations of LoL, and specifically, on whether they plan to do some real action in the future. “I think there will probably be certain stories where we want to explore that.”, replied Linke.

But it does not seem that it is something that is still in his plans: “We are still taking the first steps. Animation is something we have grown up with. Our games are animated and we have worked on animation before. However the live-action it’s something completely different. And to do it really well takes time. “

“There are definitely ambitions”Linke says. “But, I think for now, that is going to be an exploration that is going to take time and we will see if we feel that we are sufficiently equipped to do it successfully“, concludes the creative.

Arcane serie Netflix LoL

Arcane will have three acts of three chapters

Arcane It is made up of three acts of three episodes each. The first one is already available and the next two will premiere on Sundays, November 14 and 21, respectively. The official synopsis reads like this: “Arcane delves into the precarious balance between the wealthy city of Piltover and the sordid and downtrodden Zaun. The tension between the two city-states is exacerbated, on the one hand, due to the creation in Piltover of something called Hextech that allows anyone to control magical energy, and, on the other, of a new drug in Zaun called Shimmer that transforms humans. into monsters. ”

“The rivalry between the two cities divides families and friends while Arcane brings to life the relationships that shape some of the famous champions of League of Legends, like Vi, Jinx, Caitlyn, Jayce and Viktor. The animated series, based on the environment that provides the background to the game League of Legends, presents a complex world where moral decisions abound, with impressive animation and a narrative brimming with intrigue. “

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