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Riot Games: Arcane is ‘quite possibly’ the greatest animated series of a video game

Following its announcement at the 10th anniversary event of League of Legends there in October 2019 and a delay of more than a year due to the coronavirus pandemic, has already been released the first act (the first three chapters of nine) of Arcane, the Netflix series based on the MOBA and created by Riot Games and the Parisian studio Fortiche Productions (creators of video clips for Riot and Gorillaz, promotional videos for video games and the series Rocket and Groot from Marvel Studios).

On Vandal We have been able to see the first four episodes (you can read our review) and chat with the creators of the series, Alex Yee y Christian Linke. The truth is that if something surprises Arcane at first it is the quality of your animation, and so we asked the creative do about whether this was the further adaptation to the animation of a video game, a category where classics are like Pokmon and Devil May Cry, but also more recent ones like Castlevania and Dragon’s Dogma.

“I think it is certainly possible,” Linke replied in the interview via Zoom. “I believe that in terms of money spent, yes, it is quite possible that we have the largest series animation. “The creative assures that making a blockbuster was always “part of the dream”, “go as far as we’ve seen in animated movies or our favorite live-action TV shows in terms of acting, the quality of the animation, with the talent can be hired … “

“It’s also scary,” Linke continues, referring to the investment that production has involved. “Because it is necessary that [la serie] be good you know But yes, there was definitely that great bet to go much, much further in every facet of the series. “

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An international production

In addition to Fortiche Productions, a team that has grown from “a handful of people,” in Alex Yee’s words, to “over 300 at the high point” of production, have been involved in creating the series. numerous Riot Games teams Throughout the world, a multiculturalism that is reflected in the characters and themes covered in the series.

“We have always had a very international team working on the series and I think that has really helped. I am very proud of how our dubbing talents are, but also our characters in the series they have very different backgrounds “, says Linke. The creative comments that multiculturalism is also perceived in the two cities that appear in the series: “Piltover and Zaun are also a melting pot of different cultures”.

“The great central question in the history of Arcane is the perspective of some of these conflicts we have as societies and what are they so influenced by where you are from, the kind of values ​​you grew up with, “a subject that could be dealt with correctly, according to Linke, thanks to the fact that in Riot there are” intrinsically “people” from very different parts of the world. “

The first three episodes of Arcane are already available on Netflix. The second act, with three other episodes, you will be able to see the November 14th. The last three episodes will be released on November 21.

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