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Minecraft: 10 ways to get gold

Buying gold isn’t always easy in Minecraft, so here are some ways you can get it.

Gold is an incredibly valuable resource in Minecraft, allowing you to craft numerous items, trade with Piglins, and much more. However, as in real life, gold can be hard to come by – getting your hands on this shiny metal is often easier said than done.

However, not all bad news. there are actually numerous ways to acquire gold, as long as you know where to look. From underground caves to hidden treasures in towering fortresses, gold is hidden everywhere in Minecraft, and these are the best ways to find it.

Kill the zombified piglins

Zombified Piglins, formerly known as Zombie Pigmen, drop gold nuggets when killed, which can be turned into gold bars if you have nine of them. Additionally, zombified Piglins have a rare chance to drop a full ingot when killed by hand.

While it’s not the most efficient way to collect gold, it can come in handy in a pinch, so it’s worth knowing. To really squeeze every drop of gold out of your kill, it’s also good to note that zombified Piglins can drop golden swords as well …

When melted in a furnace, gold items such as swords, axes, and breastplates produce gold nuggets. Again, it is not the most efficient method out there, but if you have spare golden swords lying around you can smell them too as they are not good for fighting.

It is also worth noting that gold items can be obtained in many places; In addition to the aforementioned Zombified Piglin drops, they can appear in ruined Nether Portal chests, be dropped by Piglin Brutes, and are found in countless other locations, so You could end up with more than you think.

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Golden Blackstone Mining

Another worth knowing in a pinch is that the golden black stone can be mined to cast gold nuggets. It only spawns in Bastion Remnants so not as good as normal mining, but since gold can be used to distract attacking Piglins, it might be a good way to escape.

The golden black stone is a great decoration block though, so it might be best to save it for that if you don’t need gold urgently. Whatever you use it for, its rarity means that Getting some is a rare find, and you are lucky to have this unique block in your hands.

Abyssal gold mining

This is a more viable way to get decent amounts of gold, especially if you spend extended periods of time in the Nether. As is probably evident by now, the Nether has strong ties to gold, and The actual ore can be found in the veins around the dimension.

When mined, The bottom gold ore sheds 2-6 gold nuggets by default, but this can go as high as 24 with a Fortune III spike, making it a great way to get your hands on large amounts of pips. If you see any Nether gold ore the next time you explore the Nether, stop and mine; you might be surprised how much you get.

Loot chests in structures

Gold can appear in chests in a ton of Minecraft-spawned structures: Dungeons, Mine Shafts, Bastion Remnants, Buried Treasures, Shipwrecks, End Cities, Abyssal Fortresses, Desert and Jungle Temples, Ruined Portals, Fortresses, Forest Mansions and Villages, all have different possibilities to generate gold in their chests.

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This simplifies your exploration of a fairly viable way to acquire reasonable amounts of gold: stumble across enough structures and you’ll probably come out with a respectable amount of ingots. Be careful though: many structures are teeming with deadly inhabitants seeking to protect their treasures.

Conquering ocean monuments

Ocean Monuments presents an endgame challenge for players: beat one, You will have to defend yourself from the deadly Guardians while killing the three Elder Guardians, while avoiding the danger of drowning. However, success brings many rewards.

In addition to the rare prismarines and sponges found around the Monument, You’ll be able to loot the treasure room, a large chamber at the back of the Monument, and come out with eight blocks of gold., which makes Monument raiding a good way to get bulk gold.

Just going mining

Perhaps an overlooked way to acquire gold, simple mining can be a great way to obtain the shiny bullion, along with many other valuables. Gold ore is generated in drops of 1 to 13, from levels Y -63 to 30 (0-32 before 1.18), so it can be found relatively quickly once it is deep enough.

There are numerous ways to extract, so find one that works for you and Embark on your own underground adventure.. You are likely to find more than just gold: diamonds, lapis lazuli, red stone, and emeralds are just a few of the treasures you can find.

Bastion Debris Raid

Gold is everywhere in the Nether, but nowhere is it more common than Bastion Remnants. These imposing structures are generated with numerous blocks of gold as part of their design., forming statues, treasures, and even just parts of the walls around the building.

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Although the stakes are high due to the dangerous Piglins, the rewards are spectacular: raiding just a couple of Bastions could spawn multiple stacks of gold blocks. Considering that one block of gold is worth nine gold bars, the spectacular payoff is obviously worth it.

Mining in a Badlands Biome

The badlands biome, formerly known as the mesa, has some special properties. Abandoned mine shafts can be generated at surface level, allowing you easy access to caves for mining. Once you start exploring underground, you’ll notice the other main benefit of the badlands: gold is everywhere.

Gold can be generated at any Y level in badlands biomes, and ore veins are generated ten times more frequently.. It is difficult to look around a cave in a badlands biome. without watching gold ore. The Badlands are an exceptionally rare biome, but it’s worth the trip for the riches they hold.

Zombified pig farming

Going back to Zombified Piglins, there is a much more efficient way to extract gold from them. Building a farm above the Nether roof is not an easy task, but once it is installed, you will have more gold than you could wish for.

The only limit on the rate of gold generation is the rate at which zombified Piglins can appear, so it’s safe to say you’ll soon be swimming in shiny nuggets. The farm is fantastic for XP too, making it a rewarding project to add to any world.. Once you have one, you will wonder how you ever played without it.

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