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Into The Pit: 8 Things To Do After Finishing The Game

Did you end up in the well? Here are some things you can do after the game.

Into the Pit will not take you too long to play with its short runtime which will be very easy to play, but the short duration of the game may leave you wanting a bit more. Don’t worry though, there’s a lot to see even after the main story is concluded.

The developers have designed the game in a way that welcomes the replayability and completion of the challenge. So while there aren’t a lot of sprawling side quests or branching paths, there are some cool things waiting to be explored. It’s a great game to play when you only have 20 minutes to spare.

Speedrun the game

With its fast-paced combat that requires you to always be on guard, Into The Pit gives you ample opportunity to see how quickly you can complete each stage. Spending more time playing the game will improve your ability to balance speed and accuracy. So once the game is over, try to see how fast you can finish each level.

You will have to be quick to complete each stage in less than a minute and have a clear path to follow if you hope to achieve it. For fans of puzzle and platformer games, this might be the rodeo for you. See how quickly you can get through each stage, and after hitting a fast time, try one more time to see if you can do better.

Damage-free execution

So, you’ve finished the game, upgraded your arsenal, and now you want to show your skills by proving to those persistent demons that they can’t help you out. Oh, here comes one right now trying to shoot fireballs at you. Silly monster as you are an expert in dodging the way with the jump button or running past the enemy.

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With the proper runes and powers that you’re excellent at using, these guys won’t know what hit them when you decide to try a no-damage run. Shaming the demons that can’t even hit you a single hit.

Collect all the specks

The tricky thing about collecting all the motes in each chamber is that it can be risky when you’re low on health, as you’ll have to go through the entire map to find them. If you keep moving and always check all your angles, you should be fine, but If there are a couple of specks you missed on the cameras, why not go back into the game and collect them?

Specks help make your character more fortifiable, but it’s also nice to see “All Specks Collected” appear at the top of the screen.

Kill all the demons

You don’t have to kill all demons at all levels, although it is possible. Sometimes you won’t come into contact with some of the monsters in the level, as finding them all usually only happens when you’re on the prowl for all the motes. Also, a couple of these enemies can be easily overlooked. You can go through a dead end by saying to yourself, “There’s nothing down there,” only to finish the stage and see that the dead demon counter is at 18 out of 19.

With how combat is the main focus of Into The Pit, Upgrading your powers and staying on a really solid build will make eliminating these demons easy but satisfying.

Try different combinations of powers

There are unlimited possibilities for the different powers that you can obtain and use in Into The Pit. If you’re sticking with a skill set that you’ve become accustomed to during your game, try the other end of the power scale. For example: let’s say you focused on precise attacks, shooting from afar this time, play up close with more powerful spells.

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With all the different levels and the desire to complete these stages quickly, the combinations will help you achieve it. So, play, experiment, and build your perfect build.

Play the other cameras

You will not be able to play through all cameras in the first game if you follow the linear route, like once a room is completed, the one next to it is locked. It is not known what will be inside the closed chamber until you enter. Some are packed with enemies pouncing on you, while others have no enemies at all.

The interior of the chambers does not have much variety. Many places are very much like the point where it is difficult to determine which is which. It’s unfortunate how exciting the game can be with the different power combos and the sheer speed of it all.

Save all the villagers

Saving the Villagers in Into The Pit opens shops that allow you to purchase upgrades to aid you on your journey as you go deeper into the pit. Unfortunately, the merchants of this strange town will only reopen their doors once you have rescued a certain number of villagers.

Depending on which chambers you decide to enter, you may miss out on some of these villagers. While you will most likely still find enough to get all the tents working once more, there is something incredibly satisfying about seeing the text that shows you rescued all the villagers who somehow got caught in the well.

Challenge your friends

Who doesn’t love being a bit competitive sometimes and showing your friends that you’re the best in the new game you’re hooked on? When playing alone, competitiveness takes a backseat. However, as soon as someone says, “We should play this together,” all of a sudden all we want to do is show how much better we are at the game. Bragging can be fun sometimes.

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Into The Pit does not have a multiplayer function, but the short length of its cameras means that you can challenge each other. See who completes the level faster or just who does the most skillful and accurate kills.

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