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Hideki Kamiya Reveals Original Plans for Okami Sequel | LevelUp

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Capcom is known for great franchises that it created in the past millennium. However, the company has worked on more and one of them is Okami, a title that over time has become a very spoiled one thanks to its artistic style and original proposal. Unfortunately, in its time Capcom did not continue with the series and until today it has remained inactive. But the creative team originally had different plans.

Through his involvement in groundbreaking Capcom projects in the 2000s, Hideki Kamiya gained recognition and upon leaving Capcom in 2006 he became one of the co-founders of the development studio PlatinumGames. There are things, however, that he left pending at Capcom, such as making a new Capcom game, and today he shared interesting plans that were around the series.

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Clover Studio hoped to continue with Okami

The Japanese creative was present in an interview with the YouTube channel Cutscenes And something interesting is that in the talk he talked about Clover Studio’s intentions to make a sequel to Okami.

According to Kamiya, Okami it was built based on many ideas and many others came as development progressed; sadly, not all of them managed to appear in the final game either for system or calendar reasons, typical of advanced development.

Kamiya reports that during the development of Okami It never crossed his mind to leave Capcom, so he anticipated some concepts that he could expand later with a sequel and at the same time answer some doubts about the story. The creative mentions that mechanics like the story or the Celestial Brush could be improved in a sequel in order to be “more fun and stress-free”, because of course Clover Studio had in mind to make a sequel.

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There was no sequel to Okami, but Kamiya wants to make it come true

But we know the story that happened with Okami. The original game was not a commercial success for Capcom, so continuing with the series would be unthinkable.

However, history ended up favoring the title; the positive and broad response from the fans was long overdue, but time gave Okami its place in the market and thanks to Okamiden (which is not a sequel, but a kind of spiritual successor) and relaunches the franchise reached more players.

Naturally, more and more fans were asking for a sequel to Okami and continue like this with the pending story in the game. Every time Kamiya is questioned about this, it seems that he does not take the wishes of the fans lightly when referring them to Capcom (owner of the IP), but the truth is that precisely thanks to these abundant comments the desire to continue with the franchise within the creative burns with more force, because he feels that it is a job that he has left unfinished and that he needs to take care of at some point: “I want to do it some day.”

What does it take for Okami have its sequel?

Clearly, the decision to continue the series is not with Kamiya, but with Capcom, the company that owns the rights, which is why Kamiya always asks fans to redirect their requests to Capcom.

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Fans have played an important role in bringing the sequel to Okami not only through your requests, but also support the series with their pockets, and for sample is Okami HD, which since its premiere in 2017 has already sold 1.7 million units. Apparently Capcom is aware of the importance of the series for fans, as it has launched several official products and even a collaboration with Monster Hunter Hunter Rise, but a new video game not yet.

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On the other hand, it is not the first time that Hideki Kamiya expresses his desire to work on Okami. Years ago, Kamiya even claimed that Okami It will return and not only that, but an important creative who worked on the project said that she would propose to Capcom to make a new game in the series. In the end, everything seems to indicate that Capcom has a desire to work on a new project in the series.

What do you think of Kamiya’s responses? Would you like to see Okami back? Tell us in the comments.

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