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Halo Infinite: don’t expect to unlock ridiculous dances in the Battle Pass | LevelUp

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Love it or hate it, it’s undeniable that Fortnite is one of the most influential video games of the last decade. One of the elements that popularized and became the norm in multiplayer video games is the quirky dance emotes, which can be unlocked in the store or through the Battle Pass. If you don’t like watching users dance in games, you’ll be glad to know that Halo Infinite it will not be possible.

This week, 343 Industries confirmed in a chat with the portal IGN than the Battle Pass of Halo Infinite It will cost $ 10 USD and that, unlike many proposals on the market, players will not have a time limit to complete it. This will allow users to return to the game whenever they want and not feel like it is a compromise.

On the other hand, the study detailed the cosmetic items that fans will be able to unlock through the Battle Pass progress. Surprisingly, there will be no dances or other goofy emotes for the characters.

Spartans will not dance in Halo Infinite matches

In the interview with the portal IGNJerry Hook, Halo Infinite’s chief designer, said they thought about having dances for the Spartans in the game, but ultimately chose not to include them. The reason? They believe that the more traditional players would reject them.

“The multiplayer Spartans are not the Master Chief. They occasionally have bright colors and, you know, on Reach they have a helmet on fire. We want to be very careful about how we deal with some of these things, ”explained Jerry Hook.

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Luckily, the designer commented that there will be comic elements in the multiplayer of Halo Infinite, but that they will only focus on artificial intelligence personal assistants.

“AI can go crazy. AI can do whatever it wants. At least, of course, that Joseph [escritor principal de Halo Infinite] I invented a whole new story about the Master Chief dance, but until that happens, we have the AI, ”said the 343 Industries creative.

While a sector of the community will be very happy with the absence of dancing in the shooter, we are sure that some players did want to see the characters dance. Luckily, the Master Chief can already do all kinds of ridiculous emotes in Fortnite.

But tell us, what do you think of this decision? Let us read you in the comments.

Halo Infinite It will be available for Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S and PC starting on December 8. In this link you will find more information about this action title.

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