Friday, November 25

Gynoug launches this month on consoles • Console and Dashboard

Gynoug prepares to reach consoles. Specifically, it will be on November 12 when it is released on PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. Originally, this game was released on the Sega Mega Drive when this console was the market leader. Now, return to the action of the past and its intense gameplay. Also, pulls the lateral advance for your screens.


Ratalaika Games is pleased to show a video, in which the undecided will leave their doubts. With a look to the past, and to nostalgia, it shows how action will not be lacking. The screen will be full of hostilities of all kinds, with the aim of ending our life.

The planet has been severely decimated by a virus that has mutated, which has led to the creation of a new race called Iccus. They have a terrible boss, Destroyer. Many have been those who have thrown their heads to kill him and his henchmen, without success, and no one has succeeded at the moment.

Six are the levels that make up Gynoug. The more we advance, the greater our power. Not all will be good news, as we will also encounter more and more enemies. They will pass for ghouls, strange creatures or mini bosses, ready to annoy us on our way. The levels of the game will change and its setting will change as well.

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