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Garry Kasparov, former world chess champion, plays Hearthstone and is almost max rank

Hearthstone It is one of those Blizzard video games, and also of esports, that begins to go unnoticed by many but, in reality, continues more alive than ever, since it continues to release expansions and content so that its users have more cards and decks to explore . Garry Kasparov, probably the world’s best-known former world chess champion, who practically topped the FIDE (International Chess Federation) world rankings from 1986 until he retired in 2005, has now confessed in an interview for PC Gamer who is a regular player of that same Hearthstone, and also has been talking about the rank he has and the one he would like to occupy.

It is something that you do not see every day, to see a former champion of that stature dedicating time to video games to continue squeezing what he is most passionate about. Which, in this case for Kasparov, are individual brain teasers. The intention of the talk was to sponsor the new masterclass of the also ex-politician, but he ended up talking about the decks and classes that he uses in Hearthstone, and also, of other Blizzard titles you’ve played.

“I play Hearthstone. And I’m Diamond Five! To get to the rank of legend you need to spend more time. I don’t have more time but I have many, many decks. Because yes, you have to be completely focused. If I push, I can go to rank. legendary, but diamond five I get pretty easily. “

To give you an idea, only 0.5% of the players of Hearthstone Reach the rank of Legend, a very small part of the users who dedicate time to the Blizzard title and which, therefore, requires impressive talent.

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What class does Kasparov use to be a Five Diamond?

Next, and of course after knowing that the former chess world champion was Diamond Five and that he achieved it seems to be with some ease, from PC Gamer the most relevant and magical question was asked: What class does he play with?

“I think the Rogue (Rogue) is probably the strongest deck as of now because you know, it could basically kill you on turn seven of the hand. So this is more than 30 damage if the combo comes up. But it’s something that requires your work. So this is my work: it’s a Libram Paladin (Paladin), yes, I play Libram or a Taunt Druid. So there are those two, although I tried mine, you know, I personalized my Priest (Priest) .. I’m just trying to play some cool setups, but again, it’s on a pretty primitive level. So sure: Libram and Druid (Druid). Prob Pirate, the Pirate Warrior, but somehow I think it’s not good, no it fit. “

So it is clear that for him Rogue class is the most important and with which, with a few movements, everything can be solved at a stroke.

But he has also played more Blizzard games!

Although Hearthstone is currently his most time-consuming game, Kasparov He has also explained that he played a lot, back in 2003 and 2004, at Warcraft 3 and Frozen Throne. But best of all, she did it with her son.

Warcraft 3

“I played when my oldest son was six, seven, eight, so that was in 2003-2004 and, yes, we needed a computer game. So I played, maybe in 2005, we played WarCraft 3 and Frozen Throne. I remember you know, I told him okay, don’t play with that [sin m]. That is the rule! [risas] So we ran some campaigns, and I think his favorite was the orcs, that’s what he used anyway. I think my favorite was the alliance, but I’m not sure. Yes, it was a long time ago. “

Even so, even if you have spent time on other video games, Kasparov prefers the style and cut of Hearthstone because it works like Warcraft They require some speed with the hands and some dexterity with the controls, and prefer something more leisurely.

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