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EA makes two-thirds of its revenue from live services

So we will probably get a lot more of them.

The live service model is a deal for Electronic Arts, accounting for nearly two-thirds of the company’s $ 1.85 billion revenue during the second quarter of 2022, about $ 1.1 billion. Only a third came from initial sales of complete games, both new and old titles.

EA published its financial results from July to September this week, noting that the second quarter of 2022 was “the strongest second quarter” in the publisher’s nearly 40-year history. The company said it will continue to increase its live service offerings, particularly on mobile devices. This is not surprising, as the non-service games generated around $ 700 million, and 62 percent of the units were sold digitally.

Such a gap is due in large part to the strong performance of its battle royale title, Apex Legends. According to the company, seasons 9 and 10 set new records for the highest active players since season 1. Players regularly purchase new cosmetic gear for their heroes, including the recently introduced Ash bundle for Amazon Prime members. All in all, Apex Legends’ total revenue has soared to more than $ 1.6 billion since February 2019, making the game one of the most successful battle royale games on the market.

However, there are many more EA live service offerings. The company says it currently runs live services in more than 25 games and expects to generate 70 percent of its inbound transactions this year from this model. These include FIFA 22, Madden 22, Battlefield 5, The Sims 4, Star Wars: The Old Republic, and more. Full games such as Battlefield 2042, NHL 22, and Mass Effect Legendary Edition (which you can still get at a 37 percent discount on Steam) are expected to generate the remaining 30 percent of projected revenue. It sounds like you should expect even more EA games that are always online, have frequent content updates, and in-game purchases. If only that always worked out.

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EA also mentioned Battlefield 2042 as part of the expansion of its successful franchises. As previously reported, 7.7 million players joined the game’s open beta. The company called it “the largest early access event ever” with 3.1 million players during this period.

Finally, following Ubisoft’s lead, EA expressed interest in expanding into the NFT market, calling disruptive technology “the future of our industry.”

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