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Destiny 2 Fans Are Creating American Names For Hive Bosses And The Results Are Hilarious

Destiny 2 fans come together to come up with traditional American-sounding names for Hive bosses in the Destiny universe.

Destiny 2 fans can be fun. Throughout the long history of Destiny and Destiny 2, the community can rally around some of the silliest things.

The latest episode of spontaneous social camaraderie comes in the form of a question. Reddit user u / ConsequenceNo5041 posted the query “What if the hive bosses had American names?” ar / DestinyTheGame and the results are hilarious.

Players familiar with the hive in Destiny 2 Know that the race has a rich history and full of named characters. Over the course of the franchise, The Guardian has come across a number of these heavy hitters. Figures like Navôta, Eir Spawn, Hasaak, Venom of Xivu Arath and Besurith, Daughter of Crota are contrasts for players in both game and lore. Their names arise from facts or from their relationship to others in the Hive hierarchy.

So when users suggest that Guardians go against the likes of Dennis, The Menace, Billy the Kid, Bob, the Unbuilder, and Karen of a Thousand Voices, one doesn’t have to wonder too much what Hive’s names would be if they were born. in the United States instead of the Fundament. What horrors would Chad, the Defiled, have unleashed to win their title? Will, Will of Crota flinch at your pun on a name? And as user u / The_Owl_Bear pointed out, the Hives at the Cosmodrome are technically Russian, so this opens up even more possibilities for fun names.

Fun little details like this are what make for a community. What Destiny 2 ends on a hiatus before the 30th anniversary begins in December and The witch queen The expansion launches in February, it’s time to kick back and enjoy some antics. Moments like this and Randal the Vandal form the basis of luscious jokes and have the potential to be the “had to be there” moments that former director Luke Smith was so desperate for. They are organic and stem from the community’s love of the game.

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It’s hard to imagine someone not having some fun with this, even if they don’t care about the deeper history and lore of Destiny. It’s even more fun when Bungie employees join the mix.

Destiny 2 is available for Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Stadia

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