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BioWare Celebrates N7 by Revealing Affinities for Mass Effect Characters and Offers

BioWare and Electronic Arts, like every year, celebrate the N7: This November 7 is the day that both the development studio and the community come together to commemorate the saga Mass Effect. In a statement published on the official blog, the team responsible for the series has announced discounts, art contests and of cosplay and new merchandising at the same time they have shared fun facts on the choices made by players in the recent remastering Mass Effect: Legendary Edition.

The statistics (obviously, there are plot spoils or spoilers in this paragraph and the next) unveiled in July already showed interesting pick percentages (such as 60% of players picking Ashley over Kaidan). It is now revealed that at the end of the first game, the majority of Shepard commanders decided to save the Citadel Council, but not all: 31% of the players did not.

Even more curious is the situation with Garrus, one of the most beloved characters in the series … although not by all. 15% of users did not even recruit it. The Shepard commanders spread across the galaxy They are not exactly fans of Ambassador Udina either.: Most do not choose to make him the first human on the Council. The bulk of the players choose Captain Anderson, and in fact, not commenting on it is a much more chosen option than opting for Udina. You can see more data of this type below:

Mass Effect Legendary Edition estad

Discounts on the Legendary Edition, cosplay and more

Until November 8 is on sale Mass Effect: Legendary Edition, the compilation that ana in the same game Mass Effect, Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 3 remastered, with playable improvements and with almost all the DLC included. Players can get it for PC on Steam and Origin by 39,99 and in the Microsoft Store from Xbox for the same price.

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It also premieres merchandising both in the Gear Store officer, where they will offer replicas, arts and clothing; as in third-party stores. The store of Dark Horse offers high quality arts, Graph MKT has themed clothes of the saga, PowerA sells controls inspired by Mass Effect, NZXT It has series PC cases, e Idea Planet allows you to buy a replica of the Citadel.

To all this we must add new cosplay guides on their official website (in addition to a tutorial from cosplayer Soylent Cosplay of one of their costumes) and art contests on Twitter with prizes in the form of merchandising (You can participate by posting the creation with the hashtag #BioWareGiveaway). In addition, BioWare has published dozens of GIF series in Giphy and has launched a filter for Facebook and Instagram named Squadmate AR that you can find in his profile: @masseffect.

BioWare continues to work on the new Mass Effect

Electronic Arts and BioWare showed at The Game Awards 2020 the first teaser next trailer Mass Effect, who at that time was still in the early stages of development. In the statement published by the N7 they say they are “working hard on the next adventure in the universe of Mass Effect. The title has no planned release date or confirmed platforms.

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