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Apple reportedly to make iPad Mini Pro with 120Hz display

Apple is reportedly working on a new iPad mini with an 8.3-inch panel made by Samsung with a 120Hz refresh rate and 128GB of onboard storage.

Apple It is reportedly working on a new small-sized tablet, tentatively called the iPad mini Pro, which will come equipped with an upgraded display that offers a 120Hz refresh rate. Apple released the sixth-generation iPad mini just over a month ago, introducing a new design language for its palm-sized tablet alongside a 5G update. Apple’s little tablet was warmly received, thanks to the ultra-fast processor, improvements in cellular connectivity, and overall value for money.

Starting at $ 499, the iPad mini 6 comes equipped with Apple’s A15 Bionic processor, the same SoC that is also at the heart of the iPhone 13 series. However, the launch of the tablet was not without its problems. Some iPad mini users reported seeing a strange jelly-like scrolling effect on the screen that made lines of text appear wavy when used in portrait orientation. Apple later clarified that it is normal for LCD panels, essentially telling users that they have to live with it.

It seems that Apple may already be working on a new version that will bring a major display update. Leakage @FrontTron tweeted details about a new iPad mini model with the information coming from South Korea Clien forum. According to the rumor, Apple is acquiring an 8.3-inch screen from Samsung, the same size as the LCD screen of the current generation iPad mini. However, the key update is the screen refresh rate. The panel will offer a refresh rate of 120 Hz, compared to 60 Hz for the iPad mini 6.

Incomplete rumor, but it sounds promising

Rumor has it that the next iPad mini model will bring Apple’s ProMotion technology to the table. Apple first introduced ProMotion with the iPad Pro line before expanding it to the iPhone 13 Pro models. The technology finally made its way to the new 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro models, which make the leap to mini-LEDs and can change the value of the display refresh rate between 24Hz and 120Hz. A key benefit of ProMotion on small devices is that it saves some battery life as well as offering a smooth scrolling experience. Adding ProMotion could also fix the jelly displacement problem that many iPad mini users have reported seeing.

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The latest leak adds that the 120Hz iPad mini will also include 128GB of onboard stage and is currently being tested with an A15 Bionic chip running at a slightly higher clock speed. Upgrading to a 120Hz panel is said to raise the price slightly, but the next device will continue to fall in the “affordable” segment. While the details are said to come from sources in Taiwan, this could be one of those Apple Rumors to be taken with a great deal of skepticism.

Sources: FrontTron / Twitter, Clien

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