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An adorable cat replaces the T-Rex from Jurassic Park in this hilarious YouTube video

A clever YouTuber edited his cat into scenes from Jurassic Park, turning the entire movie into something much less scary.

Everything is better with cats, at least unless the person involved is allergic. In that case, things get a lot less adorable and a lot more like a much smaller-scale version of every cliche horror movie. Maybe that’s what a smart video maker had in mind when he added his fuzzy friend in what was once a particularly tense scene from Jurassic Park.

The T-rex scene from the beginning Jurassic Park it remains iconic for a number of reasons. People still praise his images because of the talented visual effects artists who possess a deep understanding of the importance of lighting. But even aside from that, director Steven Spielberg and his team filmed the entire sequence in such a way that its suspenseful terror still resonates to this day. So when someone else decided to trade a giant fluffy kitty for the vicious reptile (with surprisingly believable effects), the juxtaposition alone provides a satisfying big whiplash.

YouTuber OwlKitty (or rather, the YouTuber who owns the cat known as OwlKitty) did just that, and the results work almost as well in a technical sense as they do in comedy. The cat herself is absolutely adorable all the way, turning the previously terrifying scene into a fun game of cat and Jeep. It’s a short video, but there’s a lot of quality visual comedy, at least enough to give a triceratops breathing problems. It’s so funny how Austin Powers appointment Massive effect, but for decidedly different reasons.

The coolest change could be in the sound effects. Where the T-rex would roar and growl in response to slamming doors and thrown flares, OwlKitty accentuates its watchful eye with that “brrrb” trilling sound that virtually all cat owners know all too well. But aside from that, the creator of the video also added his own inspired options, such as swapping out the flare for a can of cat food and even showing one of the kids (with surprisingly effective editing) opening one of the cans just before let the giant cat start with her. full attack on the vehicle.

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Unlike other funny videos like a low-tech recreation of Bilbo’s terrifying scene from Lord of the Rings, OwlKitty offerings tend to be of almost professional quality. In previous posts on his YouTube channel, he appeared in films such as Star Wars, Harry Potter, it is included Titanic, giving new meaning to the idea that cats have 9 lives. OwlKitty is clearly over 9, and lives them all with gusto.

Fortunately, the channel also provides behind-the-scenes videos showing how the fantastic effects are achieved. So anyone interested can enjoy plenty of scenes like this before cleaning their palate with some shots of a super cute cat playing in front of a green screen. Truly, this is the very essence for which the Internet was created.

Jurassic Park is now available to stream on Amazon Prime Video.

Source: OwlKitty / YouTube

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