Friday, November 25

Allianz Xuan Lan Tour: Madrid, first stop of the yoga tour

Madrid becomes the first stop of the Allianz Xuan Lan Yoga Tour this Sunday. To be specifically at the MEEU Roller Chamartn, at 6:00 p.m., with the tickets already sold out and as the starting gun for a tour that pass through three other cities, Barcelona, ​​Seville and Ibiza, the last two already in 2022. At each of these events you will be able to enjoy a yoga and meditation masterclass, linked according to the venue in question to a theme to provide the necessary keys to connect with the well-being and inner balance of the participants: harmony with light, with music, with the community and with nature. respectively.

Well-being is a recurring term in recent times, but not only for physical health, but also for emotional balance. That is why Allianz, a leading company in the insurance sector, has decided to join the yoga teacher and wellness expert Xuan Lan, one of the stars of the MARCA Sport Weekend 2020 as a world benchmark in her field. Born in Paris, Xuan Lan [Orqudea de Primavera, en vietnamita] He started practicing yoga in New York 20 years ago, although it was in Barcelona where he deepened his practice to discover a passion … and a vocation. In 2012 she was a co-founder of the Free Yoga movement (unique concept of mass outdoor classes to promote healthy lifestyle) and in 2017 she became a teacher of the television program ‘Operacin Triunfo’. He has also published books and launched, finally, the XLY Studio project.

Xuan has already ‘sneaked’ into thousands of homes during the pandemic to convey his philosophy across the screen. With her closeness and her way of teaching the discipline she dominates, but from an accessible point of view for all, she ended up being the ‘yogi’ of reference in social networks. El #AllianzXLY (, in that line, it will be possible to follow ‘online’ ( in addition to being a face-to-face event: to be ‘streaming’ on YouTube (where, on the other hand, the teacher’s channel has more than a million and a half subscribers), to live the experience from wherever you want with the aim of achieving harmony with oneself … and with others.

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With mental health

The harmony of light guide the trip in Madrid. “Nature has always shown us how colors affect our emotions and feelings. We do not react the same to a blue sky as waking up on a gray day. Colors can make us feel energetic or relaxed, they favor thermal sensations of cold or heat, and they also make us perceive order or disorder “, he explains in the face of a activity that will also have the participation of the scientist David del Rosario, who has proposed new models to explain the human mind.

“Yoga also studies the subtle energy of the body and its energy centers or chakras. By applying a color to each of these focuses, located along the spine, we are able to find a balance with the mind and alleviate certain physical symptoms.. Colors also contribute to overall well-being, “adds the program.

The Allianz and Xuan Lan project also has a beneficial side, since the full amount of the tickets is allocated to the Confederation of Mental Health of Spain. As there are no more left for this afternoon, you can still contribute through a link (

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