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A popular singer made more than a million dollars thanks to Roblox | LevelUp

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With millions of active players per month, Roblox prevails as one of the most successful multiplayer experiences on the market. This has allowed great artists to approach the platform and hold digital events such as concerts, etc. For a renowned pop singer, this represented a unique opportunity to connect with fans and, incidentally, earn millionaire income.

Swedish star Zara Larsson, who is known for hits like Lush Life and Symphony, hosted a digital event on Roblox during May of this year, where users were able to enjoy an online concert, interact with other fans, and participate in a treasure hunt.

During the event, the singer sold cosmetic items such as glasses, backpacks, hats and costumes so that users could customize their avatars, as well as a skin directly inspired by her. Luckily, he not only managed to interact with his fans, but also found an extremely lucrative business model.

Zara Larsson breaks it on Roblox

In an interview for BBC News, the 23-year-old revealed that since she first dabbled on the platform, she has already raised close to £ 740,000 GBP, which translates to more than $ 1 million. This was possible thanks to the success of its digital merchandise.

“My jaw dropped when I heard it. I really didn’t think much of it. It wasn’t really the motivation for the concert. I just wanted to connect with the fans, “explained the singer.

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Zara Larsson explained that obtaining that income through traditional platforms such as YouTube or Spotify would take a long time and millions of reductions. Thus, he recognized the value of Roblox and he assured that it is an opportunity for musicians to perform concerts during the pandemic time.

Finally, the singer commented with laughter that she is constantly recognized in social networks as “the girl Roblox”. She claims that it is incredible that she is known that way even though she has been in the music industry for about 10 years.

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