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A Metroid movie? Director of the series wishes that one day it comes true | LevelUp

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There is no doubt that Nintendo has one of the most beloved franchises in the world of video games. The Japanese company recently reiterated its desire to bring other of its IPs to the world of cinema, which gave many hope to see an adaptation of Metroid on the big screen. If you are one of them, you should know that you are not the only one, but also a series manager dreams of this.

The closest thing to a movie Metroid that Nintendo has made in its history is the live-action trailer that was produced to promote Metroid: Other M. Despite being very short, the ad was very well received by fans, as it gives an idea of ​​what a live-action CGI movie of Metroid.

Don’t you remember or didn’t you see it? Then we leave you with an improved version thanks to the user SnazzyAI and that presents a resolution of 4K.

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A major creative from Metroid would love a movie from the series

Well, you are not the only one who believes that a film project of Metroid it would be a great idea. In a recent interview by CNET Yoshio Sakamoto, a Nintendo creative who began working on Metroid as a designer and who in past installments has held the position of director or producer.

What attracted a lot of attention in this interview is that, by touching on the recent news of the Super Mario movie and putting on the table the possibility of a movie by MetroidSakamoto commented that he thinks it would be a “very interesting” idea and that he hopes it “will become a reality one day.”

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A movie of Metroid? Please!

Producer Sakamoto isn’t the only one hoping that Nintendo will one day be encouraged to make a movie of Metroid. Film director Jordan Vogt-Roberts has made clear his desire to take on a film project in the franchise. That’s not all, because on several occasions the renowned actress and Nintendo fan Brie Larson has expressed her wishes to play Samus Aran in a film of the series.

Unfortunately, Nintendo is a company that, although it has already changed its position a bit regarding the expansion of its franchises, but continues to treat them with great care. In addition, we remind you that Metroid It is not one of the most profitable IPs of Nintendo, despite the affection that many fans have for it and how well a project of this series could be. Thus, Nintendo is focusing on its sure successes, such as the animated film of Super Mario or the rumored movie of Donkey Kong, 2 franchises with which Nintendo started its amusement park project.

All of the above said, a movie by Metroid It sounds unlikely, but do not be discouraged, that hope always dies last and it could happen that, if Metroid Prime 4 is well received, the Japanese company decides to bring the IP to the world of celluloid.

How about a movie by Metroid? Tell us in the comments.

The latest adventure of Metroid is now available and is Metroid Dread and marks the end of the cycle of the 2D adventures of the bounty hunter. You can find more news related to Metroid if you visit this page.

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