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8 lingering questions we have after the end of Psychonauts 2

Psychonauts 2 is a delightful journey, but the endgame has left fans with some mysteries to unravel.

Psychonauts 2 was a sequel that fans of the original had been waiting for over a decade. Not only was the game critically delivered, it was a strong debut for Xbox Game Pass and proved that the Psychonauts series could become the next big exclusive IP for the platform.

Fans are staunch fans of Double Fine games, and Psychonauts is no different. Even after finishing the game and rolling the credits away, the game world and characters left so many unsolved questions and mysteries that fans are hoping to get answers to.

There is a random agent in the Atrium section of the Psychonaut agency’s Motherlobe base of operations who is obsessed with bacon. The only person in the Psychonauts franchise with some kind of connection to bacon is Ford Cruller, who also has a strong obsession with it.

It’s never explained why this random person is obsessed with him, but he has to be related to Cruller for one reason or another. It could be your relative or maybe someone Cruller accidentally mentally broke.

Did everyone forgive Oleandar?

With Psychonauts 2 taking place right after the events of the first game and Rhombus of Ruin, it’s still strange that everyone in the Psychonauts organization quickly forgave coach Oleandar. Sure, it was manipulated by Dr. Loboto, but it jeopardized an entire summer camp full of kids and nearly caused irreparable damage to the world. By the time Psychonauts 2 ended, he can be found trapped in a mermaid costume, so perhaps he ended up paying for his crimes in the end.

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What happened to the introduction?

The introduction to Psychonauts 2 presents a summary of the events of the last two games in the franchise and serves as a primer for those entering the world of Psychonauts for the first time. Interestingly, Double Fine must have had an oversight considering that Ford Cruller appears in this introduction and Raz’s friend Lili is nowhere to be found. After the original game, the Ford Cruller was out of commission and couldn’t join the crew, so oddly this was reconfigured.

The new class of Whispering Rock, who are they?

When players talk to Sasha Nein and Milla after finishing the game, they will tell Raz that a new class of students will be arriving at Whispering Rock Summer Camp in about a week. If Double Fine decides to make a third game in the series, returning to the beloved camp setting is now a plausible option, considering that this idea was put forward by two of the most successful currently enlisted Psychonaut agents.

Will Helmut Fullbear get his body back?

Even though Helmut Fullbear plays an important role in the overall story of the game, he still exists as a brain in a jar during Psychonauts 2 post-game. Bob Zanotto, his partner, tells Raz that they are going to search for his body. in Grulovia. .

Just because they set out to do something doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll be successful, but it does feel a bit empty for a lot of the other characters to get solid resolutions and Helmut to lose his body.

Who is Dr. Loboto’s son?

In the post-game, you, as the player, can have Raz speak to various characters and some of them provide narrative threads that can be explored in the next Psychonauts game. One of those interactions is when Raz finds Dr. Loboto escaping from Sasha Nein’s lab. He says he must go back to Whispering Rock summer camp because he left his son there. Which of the children of the Raz class that appears in the first Psychonauts is Dr. Loboto’s son?

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Augustus Aquato: Is he the next villain?

A huge reveal for both the main character Raz Aquato and you as a player was learning about your family’s connection to psychic abilities and that you have come to embrace these powers. Raz’s father Augustus may have a conversation with Raz in the post-game and it seems like he’s still coming to terms with all the revelations involving his mother and twin sister. Mentally, he doesn’t seem like he’s in a great place, so does that mean his struggles with acceptance and pain could end up transforming him into the main antagonist in the series’ eventual third entry?

Will there be Psychonauts 3?

Now, Double Fine is a development studio that rarely allows financial prosperity to dictate their creative decisions, but that doesn’t mean they would rule out returning to the world of psychonauts. They are now under the Xbox umbrella and have less burden in terms of making games that sell a lot, and that is relieved by Xbox Game Pass, too. The sequel to the beloved classic was well received by critics and introduced an entirely new generation to Psychonauts. It seems more a question of ‘when’ than ‘if’ when it comes to considering whether there will be a Psychonauts 3 in development.

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