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10 PC games that are like No More Heroes 3

No More Heroes 3 is one of a kind, but fans still have a good variety of titles that will satisfy them after completing the game.

No More Heroes it is one of the most exclusive games ever featured on a Nintendo console. Suda 51 is a master at his craft, with each title on the No More Heroes The franchise becomes an instant classic due to its varied gameplay, interesting characters, and a plot that is surprisingly fascinating once players get past the series’ inherent silliness.

With the first two games in the series coming to PC, it’s a shame that new fans of the series won’t be able to play the final title of this trilogy on this platform. However, there are better things to do than wallow in this disappointment: gamers can watch the following games on PC that are very similar to No more heroes 3 instead of!

Nier: Automata

No More Heroes is a title that experiments with various elements of the game and executes most of them without problems. It is a trait that this game shares with Nier: Automata, one of the best titles released by Platinum Games.

Yoko Taro’s masterpiece is an absolute peach to play with, in large part due to its excellent combat and gameplay variety. Fans of No More Heroes you will feel at home with Nier: Automata.


This list will make it very clear that the No More Heroes The series is extremely similar to most of the Platinum Games titles. Bayonetta is no exception to this golden rule.

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Watching the titular witch use her magical hair to fuel her combos is an adrenaline-pumping moment that doesn’t tire anytime soon. The first game could have its flaws, with its instant death QTEs being the bane of many players’ existence, but its combat, story, and characters more than makeup.

the Metal Gear The series is packed with some of the best video games of all time. Weather Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance It may not fall under this stand for most fans, this spin-off still has something special about it that makes it a beloved part of the game. Metal Gear canon.

Controlling Raiden has never been more fun, the combat of this title being absolutely sublime. Tearing up enemies and then stealing their internals to heal Raiden is easily one of the most incredible things anyone can do in a video game.

Yakuza 0

Almost every Yakuza the title can be recommended for fans of No more heroes 3 due to the inherently quirky nature of most titles. With that said, people who have yet to play a single Yakuza title will definitely find it extremely easy to get into Yakuza 0.

Along with the mainstay of the Kiryu series, players can also control the fan-favorite Majima. Both characters are extremely intriguing, and watching them unfold throughout the story is truly fascinating.

The murderer is dead

Grasshopper Manufacture, the developers behind No More Heroes trilogy, they have also created several artistic titles that deserve a mention in their own right. The murderer is dead It is such an elegant title that it never got the love or credit it deserved.

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The game may not be a world champion, but it is perfect for fans of No More Heroes who want to try more titles in the same vein. The nice combat and the unique images more than makeup for your shortcomings.


Given the Killer7 It is also a Grasshopper Manufacture game, most people consider it related to The murderer is dead. However, the developers have clarified time and time again that Killer7 has nothing to do with this title.

Killer7 is another game in which Suda 51 had a great influence, and this shows in each and every aspect of this title. People who love No More Heroes for its crazy writing and amazing presentation they will absolutely adore Killer7.


Vanquish it is easily one of the most stylish and impressive third person shooter games ever made. There is a clear emphasis on gun-fu in this title and it shows in each and every aspect of the game.

The game may take a little getting used to, but players who understand how this title works will have a great time. As always, Platinum Games knows exactly how to create an extraordinary combat system, even with shooting mechanics!


Supergiant games are masters at integrating narratives with game elements. While his games were quite popular on the indie scene, it is hell which became one of his best known and most successful titles.

Roguelike titles have always been a niche genre, but Supergiant Games managed to develop a title that feels incredibly fresh and makes every run worthwhile for multiple reasons. It’s a great way for players to get into this genre!

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the devil may cry 5

It would be impossible to talk about great hack and slash titles without mentioning The devil can cry. The series has seen its fair share of ups and downs, but the latest entry in the series was almost universally loved by the masses.

This game was not only a return to form for Dante, but it also featured an excellent combat system that he The devil can cry deserved franchise. It helps that the crazy story of this game adds even more fun to this title.

God of war 3

Before its critically acclaimed reboot, God of War It was a classic hack and slash franchise with blood, guts, gore, and a ton of adult content sprinkled in between. It was a game that was solely intended to make the player truly feel like a raging God of War who would stop endlessly for revenge.

Of all the classics God of War games, the third title is the most refined and enjoyable of all. Parts and combat sequences never felt better, and the game is a worthy farewell to Kratos’ time in Greek mythology.

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