Sunday, December 4

Trailer for 8-Bit Christmas, the next Christmas movie starring the NES

The Christmas season is just around the corner and films and series based on this theme are already invading the platforms streaming. As is usual, Netflix, HBO and the company are taking the artillery in that sense and it seems that this time, at least for the most gamers, it will be the latter that will win the prize, since it has just been announced ago nothing and less. the triler de 8-Bit Christmas, a feature film in which we will have the mythical Neil Patrick Harris in the cast, being in charge of telling the story as an adult Jake. The film revolves around how a boy (obviously, that same Jake but in his child version) desperately seeks to get hold of an NES, the wonderful Nintendo console that we had relatively recently in our hands with a Classic Mini version.

Director Michael Dowse, which you probably know from being in front of Preacher, being in charge of getting behind the cameras of this curious film that, as we said, get us into an eighties adventure to get the best video game system of the moment. Then we leave you the trailer so you can take a look at what is coming next November 24 on the HBO Max platform.

Everyone wants a NES!

Tape Warner Bros. has somewhat reminded us of A father in distress, 1996 feature film in which Arnold Schwarzenegger he was trying to get hold of the fashionable doll, Turbo Man, for his son. The story is based on the series of catastrophic misfortunes that Schwarzenegger must go through to get hold of the toy until he manages to get it so that his son can enjoy the gift on those dates so marked.

8-Bit Christmas, coming from those responsible for Elf, not be the same far from it, but to a certain extent part of that essence based on what is currently more fashionable for adolescents and children, which are video games. As we said, the film can be seen on the HBO Max platform.

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