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This is the new multi-camera system for live broadcasts

a broadcast studio in a boxThis is how the practical and innovative system for creators that includes three wireless cameras has been defined. With this set, Logitech is committed to creating a small, portable and wireless ecosystem. The company informs that it is specially designed for the transmission of live content.

Camera Pack

The Mevo Start 3-Pack is a proposal for those looking to create content of a professional nature, with a configuration of several cameras and live transmission from multiple angles at the same time. It is suitable for programs captured from personalized perspectives, podcasts, special events or band sessions. An added bonus is that they can be launched directly on YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, and other networks or platforms.

The outstanding features of the integrated Mevo cameras is that they are wireless and capable of working at 1080p. They offer an 83.7-degree diagonal field of view and the ability to capture images for about six hours wirelessly or be powered via USB-C for continuous shooting.

Its capabilities are expanded through the free app Mevo Multicam (available for Android and iOS) that makes it possible to control them with just a few taps, to easily switch cameras and stream directly to the chosen platform.

Note that the firm has configured this pack in a very complete way, since it integrates noise canceling microphones, although they can also use 3.5 mm devices.

System possibilities

The Mevo Start 3-Pack and the Mevo Multicam app make up a new and lightweight pocket-sized production studio, specially designed for the streaming and live recording, with 1080p HD resolution. The union of the cameras and their application configures a system to produce with ease professional programs, in multi-camera configuration, directly from a phone or tablet, eliminating the need for traditional equipment.

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Designed for streaming and live recordings in any situation, video can be transmitted via Wi-Fi connection, the access point of a telephone and even via ethernet.

Mevo Start cameras are designed for long-lasting broadcasts, with an internal battery of up to six hours, or connect to a power source via USB-C for continuous use.

“Whether you’re broadcasting live from your kitchen, music studio, or even a baseball game, you can easily create a streaming high-quality, multi-angle professional with the Mevo Start 3-Pack, “he says Otto Cedeño, Mevo marketing boss for Logitech For Creators.

App capabilities

The Mevo Multicam app connects and controls up to three Mevo Start cameras. It includes Auto-Director, an audio mixer and the ability to overlay graphics and text live. It has functionality to broadcast live.

The app, for Android and IOS devices, makes it possible to control framing, face tracking, edit the look video, make color corrections and frame changes with video from 1080p30 at 20Mbps or 720p30 at 10Mbps (recording mode) and 1080p30 up to 6Mbps, 720p30 up to 3.5Mbps, 480p30 up to 1.5Mbps and 360p30 up to 1Mbps (streaming mode).

Mevo Start camera

This camera can also be purchased as a standalone unit, providing a solution for live broadcasts on social media, or casual amateur recordings.

With the 83.7-degree diagonal field of view, it is possible to broadcast and record in Full HD 1080p without fisheye distortion. You can also capture clean and clear audio using the built-in noise-canceling microphones, or choose analog audio input by connecting a microphone or line-level audio to the 3.5mm TRS input.

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Featured values

HD video quality: Live stream and record in 1080p HD resolution, from anywhere via Wi-Fi, Ethernet or even the LTE network of the smartphone.

Intelligent control from the application: with the possibility of creating content with features such as Auto-Director, all from the mobile. Autonomy of up to six hours and continuous use by means of a power supply.

Built-in advanced audio and despite having 3 built-in MEMS microphones with Fraunhofer upHear spatial mic processing, a lavalier, wireless or any other microphone can also be connected either via the camera’s 3.5mm connection on the back. rear, via the USB audio interface to the USB-C connector, via a microphone connected to the mobile device or via the app Mevo Mic.

Simultaneously stream to platforms like YouTube, Twitch, Facebook, and more, quickly.

Versatile streaming setup: Mevo Start integrates into any setup with webcam mode, RTMP, and NDI | HX protocols.

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Price and availability

Mevo Start 3-Pack can now be purchased in our market at a price of 1149 €. The Mevo Multicam application can be downloaded for free from the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. Mevo Start is available in a individual package at a price of about € 450. There are different accessories available on the market on the page

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