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The Witcher Fan Fixes Season 2 Trailer Music With Game Clues

For anyone who loves what they saw but not what they heard in The Witcher season 2 trailer, one fan turned to video games to make changes.

Almost exactly two years after releasing the trailer for the first season of The Wizard, Netflix last week surprised fans of the show with the full official preview of the second season. However, amid all the excitement, many were left confused by the video’s odd musical choice and one fan went the extra mile to make things feel more like The Wizard.

While debatable, Kanye West’s “Monster” might be a fitting song for a second. Sorcerer A season that is sure to fill a ton of new entries in Geralt’s bestiary, hip hop is definitely not the genre one would immediately associate with the franchise. Whether this is a harbinger of Dandelion’s future musical interests or not, this unofficial version of the Sorcerer The season 2 trailer is sure to make a lot of people feel like they’re playing games The witcher 3 all over again.

The ‘fixed’ trailer is courtesy of a user who goes by the name of v1talic on YouTube. They changed the backing track in the official Netflix-released trailer to something a little more appropriate for Geralt of Rivia, “Sword of Destiny.” The song is more commonly known as The witcher 3‘s theme song and was written by composers Marcin Przybyłowicz and Percival Schuttenbach specifically for the game, which is probably why it changes the overall vibes of the trailer so much.

The WizardThe first season already made a real hit with “Toss a Coin to Your Witcher,” which became an incredibly popular song covered by many fans of novels, games, and TV shows. Again, considering all the new monsters already The Wizard‘s Season two, Kanye’s “Monster” isn’t that out of line. However, the swapped song certainly brings Geralt closer to home.

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“The Song of The White Wolf” was another of the standout songs from a first season that actually featured many musical moments courtesy of Dandelion. While it is not known how much screen time he will have this time, his meeting with Geralt is definitely one of the highlights of the season 2 trailer. Interestingly, music was not one of the topics addressed by The WizardShowrunner Lauren S. Hissrich during a recent Twitter Q&A.

Just reading some of the YouTube comments for the trailer, it’s obvious that many fans were disgusted with the song selection, so those folks will definitely enjoy this reworked version even more. On a different note, the sheer variety of monsters and the promise of broader use of magic is probably one of the things that most people get excited about the second season.

The Wizard The second season will hit Netflix on December 17, 2021.

Source: v1talic / YouTube

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