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Take-Two boss changes his mind and now believes in virtual reality | LevelUp

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Virtual reality offers increasingly attractive experiences for gamers. For years Take-Two, the company that owns Rockstar and 2K, has been interested in the technology, but it is not until now that it will really exploit it with ambitious projects such as Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas VR.

Strauss Zelnick, CEO of the company, acknowledged this week that he was initially skeptical of virtual reality. However, his opinion has changed over the years and now he believes more than ever in its applications.

For this reason, Take-Two will continue to bet on virtual reality and, apparently, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas VR It will only be your first big step in this sector of the industry.

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Take-Two will continue betting on virtual reality with more projects

The various Take-Two studios have offered various virtual reality experiences in recent years. Despite this, Zelnick did not seem very excited about his applications or what this type of production offered to the general business of the company.

It seems that the perception of the manager has changed radically thanks to Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas VR, a project that has not been revealed but that we know is in development for Oculus Quest 2.

Zelnick said that virtual reality now seems very exciting to him, so he suggested that Take-Two will continue to use the technology in future projects. For now, it did not share details of its strategy to extend the use of VR in its popular franchises.

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“We have always said that we want to be where the consumer is. And when VR first emerged as a potential technology, although I expressed some skepticism that it would become a very broad-based consumer application, I also thought it was really exciting from a technical point of view and said we would participate. ” , said the manager.

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