Sunday, December 4

Siege the Day Dates Your Early Access • Console and Dashboard

Siege the Day It will be released very soon on PC. Specifically, it will be on November 11 when it lands on Steam, through early access.


This proposal from Hidden Tower Studios and Crytivo is presented as a castle builder, which uses tactical combat in real time. In addition to fortifying, we will have to decorate.

We will be part of epic online battles, in which we make use of deployed siege structures, such as ice cannons and fire catapults, without forgetting a wide variety of special attacks. Spells will also be part of the options.

At all times, we must bear in mind that resources are limited. This makes it better for us to manage them effectively if we want to bring “the ultimate impenetrable masterpiece” to life. The announcement of its date is completed with a new trailer.

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