Monday, November 28

Sergi: “It’s no excuse, but injuries force you to upset everything”

Sergi barjun explained the reasons why Barcelona squandered a three-goal lead and went into halftime. The technician thinks the injuries were permanent.

Match valuation

“When you have to make three changes due to injury, you upset the entire tactical scheme. It is no excuse but it is true that it influences the final performance. In the second half we were not able to go forward and the players did not know where to position themselves under pressure. It is a pity that we cannot celebrate the first victory that would have been a very important success for me. We have to stay with the first part in which we were very brave at the top with a defensive line very high and the rival did not find spaces. what happened in the second, learn and look for solutions “.

Taste in the mouth

“I have a final aftertaste, but basically I am happy because what I have tried to convey they have understood. We have to look for different resources because players are falling and it is difficult to manage in each game. If we are positive and we have all the players we are a team that I could fight for more things. “

Coutinho and his possible refusal to play

“I have not noticed any of that. I was aware of the game, not of those who warm up. In ten days I have tried to make everyone have a feeling with me. It is clear that those who do not play are more difficult.”


“If you look at the squad you see that you are playing with children and there are times when if you wage war separately it is difficult. It is difficult to assess when you have so many injured. We have eight and today three have fallen. If you have all of them it is better because the level is higher and there is more competition. We go with counted pieces and when we are all will be different “.

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“It is very strange and it would be good to know and search so that no more happens. There are many problems at the injury level. It is not an excuse but it is important for the future.”

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