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Riot wants to see League of Legends and esports in next Olympics | LevelUp

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The Olympic Games and other sporting events are gradually opening up to the presence of video games and esports as one more discipline. However, there is still a long way to go for electronic sports to be recognized by institutions such as the International Olympic Committee.

Various companies, including Riot Games, fight year after year to expand the reach of video games and esports at renowned events such as the Olympic Games. In fact, we know that the study of League of Legends is in talks to have his popular game be part of future competitions.

Riot Games revealed that it is in negotiations with committees and leaders related to the Olympics so that League of Legends have a greater presence in sporting events that include esports in their programming.

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League of Legends look for a place in the Olympics

It is a fact that the 2022 Asian Games will have a space dedicated to professional video game competitions. League of Legends will have an important presence in this celebration along with other outstanding titles.

Riot Games has more ambitious plans, as it wants its popular MOBA to expand and be part of other important competitions such as the Olympic Games. Thanks to a report from DexterWe know that the study is in talks to make this possible in the coming years.

Naz Aletaha, Global Director of Esports League of Legends, affirmed that they will not be satisfied with the presence of the MOBA in the Asian Games of 2022, since they seek a greater presence in this type of events and that esports are recognized with medals.

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“We are excited to see esports continue to gain more momentum and recognition. The inclusion of League of Legends as a medal event at the 2022 Asian Games it is an important development for the region and promotes the potential to participate in future sporting opportunities, “said the board.

Riot Games’ efforts would also help other games jump into these types of events and the Olympic Committee will accept more video game genres. This year there was a big change, as the Olympic Virtual Series, its first esports event, was announced.

“We continue to have conversations with the various leaders at the Olympics. The events that take place in the Summer and Winter Olympics are ultimately a decision of the International Olympic Committee. In the meantime, we remain focused on delivering great esports experiences from League of Legends directly to our fans ”, concluded Aletaha.

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