Saturday, November 26

Nintendo builds on Switch’s success by funding $ 900 million expansion

Not even Nintendo expected the success of its hybrid around the world. Switch came to change the way in which certain video games are conceived thanks to its ability to go from desktop to portable format in just one movement, without the need for cables or anything like that. The little girl in charge of Super Mario OdysseyIn addition, it is capable of moving video games that until now, roughly (with the exception of Sony laptops), we had only played from the sofa or in our corner of the game, anchored to a chair. To be able to play, for example, Wolfenstein 2 anywhere gives a lot of potential to a console, and that the example we have set is only the tip of the iceberg.

The company has now confirmed that, due to the success that Nintendo Switch is having, an expansion campaign of up to $ 900 million is being funded, to enhance their own games but not without giving up other external projects and, to make matters worse, even making films. Remember that Chris PrattSince we mentioned this last point, he is going to become Super Mario in the next feature film of the character.

The president of the company, Shuntaro Furukawa, is the one who has released the news and has confirmed that Nintendo is currently expanding more than expected. “While this basic policy will not change, the Nintendo Switch business has exceeded our expectations, putting us in a strong cash position in recent years and presenting a good opportunity to reconsider how to use our cash most effectively in a variety of markets. strategies and meaningful forms “.

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And now with Nintendo Switch OLED on the market

Esa mtica “Nintendo Switch Pro” (Nintendo Switch OLED) that many expected finally hit the market and it seems that for now it is being another good asset for the company, although it is far from having the impact that Switch had at the time, logically, and for many it is simply another complement. . But Furukawa has made the company’s position clear and it is more than clear that Nintendo is going to go even higher.

“As a company that brings smiles through entertainment, Nintendo’s goal has always been to create original entertainment. In an extremely fluctuating business like entertainment, the basic policy of our financial activities has been to secure cash and other liquid assets for to be able to continually offer products and services that constantly bring new surprises. “

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